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Your friendly neighborhood reminder that NXT Takeover 2 (aka likely the best thing WWE will do for a few months) starts in 30 minutes with the Pre Show starting now.

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And that picture is why I'm so damn excited for tonight as well as NXT going forward.

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@meatball: Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone hates The Ascension. But then again, who was championing Bo Dallas before he debuted on Raw? And now everyone likes his corny gimmick. Just wait for the vignettes and the Raw production team to start building them up for their debut. It will be interesting to see everyone's opinion of them then.

Plenty were championing Bo before he debuted on Raw, basically the minute he started doing his "heel that thinks he's a face" schtick it was gold.

You do have a point about the Raw production team, though, I'm sure they'll do cool things with the Ascension's gimmick.

Also, to add to this, a lot of the hate for The Ascension comes from the fact that they've literally done nothing in the year that they've been champions. For their entire reign they did nothing but 1 minute squashes against NXT's random CAW generator. Going by how the tag division has barely existed on the main shows recently I don't see much of a difference in their direction coming around unless something changes in the tag booking.

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RIP to Sean O'Haire. I remember really digging those vignettes he did with the Devil's Advocate character that unfortunately went nowhere at all.

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I could understand being coy about telling people you're way into video games or wrestling or anime. But saying you're NOT into something? I can't say I really follow the sentiment there.

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I always thought it was 'bonk' without the 'b'

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I just got through last week's NXT and it is absolutely BAFFLING how much better it is than Raw on a weekly basis. At this point I'm convinced that the two shows aren't even part of the same company and NXT is actually just an indie promotion that WWE happens to air.

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@xite: That match is still firmly one of my favourites of this year. God damn it was so good.

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And people actually like this filth:


No, people don't like "this filth", that's stupid. People like wrestling when it's at its best. It has it's peaks and its valleys and right now it's in a valley. With a large chunk of the most entertaining people out due to injury or whatever other reason, as well as the yearly "Football is coming to take half our viewers", it's hard to expect it to be anywhere near its best.