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My biggest problem with that main event was that WWE has put themselves in a no-win corner. Come Night of Champions, one of two things will happen:

A) CENAWINSLOL and you waste the free level up of "beat the man who ended The Streak" on a guy who's already been established as nigh unstoppable for a DECADE instead of using it on literally anyone else who can use it.


B) Brock crushes Cena again, making Cena clowning the Wyatts - and whoever else he rolls through in the next month - completely pointless and doing nothing but damaging younger talents to, again, prop up the guy who's already been dominant for a decade.

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@gorillamopena: So what you're telling me is the man who can take down Brock is Curtis Axel?

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The best part about that match is that it WAS a boring anti-climax. Cena, for all his Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect, had to go up against Brock Lesnar, a man who rolled through the Wrestlemania equivalent of Jason Voorhees and is by all accounts an unstoppable psychopath. Going by that, it makes sense that the match was the equivalent of a Raw debut squash match. They have successfully made Brock into this ridiculous end game boss that whoever conquers is IMMEDIATELY shot to "Top Guy" status. Of course, they can totally fuck it up and have Cena win a rematch at Night of Champions but as it is now, god damn the story that match told was great.

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I see a few people saying Lesnar is going to win and there is not going to be a cash-in: what gives? Lesnar isn't full time so what is he going to do with the titles? Throw them on the floor when he leaves?

People say this a lot and, as I said in the Powerbombcast comments, just last year the Rock won the titles and showed up about 3 times in 3 months between the Royal Rumble and WM29 so it's not crazy to think that Brock will win and only show up for PPVs and have Heyman do all the heavy lifting of a feud week to week.

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1. Nikki will put Brie in a torture rack while Stephanie repeatedly yells "YOU'RE MY BITCH" over and over.

2. Brock makes Cena tap out for the first time in like a decade and children around the world cry. (I feel like this is Krazy™ enough on it's own considering the last time Cena tapped out was a DECADE ago)

3. When it looks like Rusev is going to win (however the fuck that match is won) suddenly Real American starts playing and Hogan comes out to hit Rusev with the fabled "Do Nothing Distraction" allowing Swagger to either lock in the Patriot Lock or grab the flag.

Man for probably the second biggest show of the year, that was way harder to come up with stuff than I'd thought it'd be.

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@g6065: First of all, don't worry about asking questions in the thread, there's no reason you shouldn't. Second of all, all the documentaries they have on the network are under the Beyond the Ring section. Since it's brand new, I don't think the Heyman one will be there for a few months or so.

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@xanadu: WWE/ECW's December To Dismember 2006, it's utter garbage and not in the fun way.

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So after finally catching up on it completely, man that G1 Climax tournament was fucking incredible wasn't it? Everyone brought their best and dear god that tournament alone had at least 3 MotY contenders in it.

Also that list of what we get on the Canadian WWE Network is the biggest joke. I'm actually really afraid for WWE right now because after the US network didn't blow everyone away with it's numbers, they're surely not going to be getting a serious increase in buys from this weak, thrown together version of the network.

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@darkstalker: To be fair I couldn't possibly think of a different reversal system that wouldn't be arbitrary and convoluted aside from the current timed button presses.

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@kishinfoulux: I think it looks great and I'm pretty excited for it. I really want to see footage of someone who isn't audibly just mashing every button possible though.