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@rotnac said:

Is this whole AJ Lee/Paige thing starting to get really awkward or is it just me? I can't tell anymore if it's bad acting or the logical heel turn for Paige is coming.

I figured it was pretty clearly them putting on their passive agressive catty voices.

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I've come to realize EXACTLY why I hate Cena on the mic; the dude does nothing but speak in exposition.

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What are the chances Sandow is dressed as Sting tonight?

100% or everyone writing the show should lose their jobs

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@ajamafalous: They've announced him as KENTA so I doubt they change it.

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@zella: If they're anything like me they use the Analog Stick and not the garbage-tier D-Pad.

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@mister_v said:

Some of the heros you listed are not available in captains mode.

Yeah, to be more specific, Broodmother, Terrorblade, Legion Commander, Earth Spirit, and Phoenix are all non-selectable heroes in competitive play currently.

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@bennym6 said:

The Men of Low Moral Fiber are my favourite thing to come out of PWG. Both those guys are two of my favourites of all time but hey it's indy wrestling so nobody will care until they get signed they'll forever ignore their (better) indy work, seriously, every time....

Who does that? Certainly not anyone in this thread. I'm pretty sure most people here are pretty big fans of all kinds of indie promotions.

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I didn't even realize this is a super old thread but fuck you guys Boneless is supreme. Give me easy to eat nuggets any day over bony shits for cavemen.

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