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At the age of 17, Perry returned to the United States. She initially lived in New York City, where she danced at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Ballet Hispanico, Broadway Dance Center and the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance. #LanaFacts

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@gunslingerpanda: I agree that it feels like a weird thing for WWE to share with fans, I assume Bryan ok'd it though so it feels a little less weird. I'm amazed he's insisting on performing tonight, though I suppose working would help keep his mind off the news. RIP

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@recspec: Not exactly sure where Slater is aside from being JBL's nephew on the JBL and Cole Show but I guess for now he's been replaced by Hornswaggle to make 2.5MB

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So I watched Smackdown because I was sick and had nothing better to do. I feel it's important for me to inform you all that Smackdown is officially the bizzaro world of WWE. Not only did Aksana manage to put on a half decent match with Paige, managing to get through the match without botching anything (which alone is enough to convince me that Smackdown is an alternate reality), but THE GREATEST MATCH OF ALL TIME took place. Not only did this match happen to have a better build than Taker vs Lesnar with a full serious video package with dramatic music, it produced this hilariously stereotyped tale of the tape. And to top it all off this backstage segment just solidified this as Feud of the Year. What I'm saying is Smackdown is the greatest show of all time.

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I forgot all about Thursday night chat D:

But I guess Legends House was a crushing disappointment?

Nothing eventful happened at all. The other episodes might get crazier, but the biggest thing that happened on the opener was Piper having issues with a blender and cursing at it a bunch.

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I think it says something that Ink Master was way more entertaining than everything else we watched in chat tonight.

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@lou_chou: At this point it's pretty safe to say he's not coming back, if not ever then at least not for a couple years. There were 3 times where he could have come back as part of a story, those were the Raw in Chicago a bit before WM, at WM itself, or the Raw after WM. Since he's still not back it's a pretty safe bet that Punk is gone for a long time.

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@lou_chou: NXT is a developmental territory just like OVW was back in the day. Though NXT is connected a little closer to WWE, it's still almost entirely detatched aside from a couple mentions from commentary when an NXT person gets called up to WWE. The titles pretty much serve the purpose of seeing how the wrestlers are able to perform as a full on Superstar as well as obviously pushing stories within NXT. Although it's not a type of deal of "cash in title, get called up", everyone who's had a singles title in NXT has been called up shortly after dropping it or near the end of their run (Paige, Big E, Seth Rollins, Bo Dallas are all of them so far). Pretty much to sum it up, think of NXT like AAA Baseball or any other minor league in sports where it's a bunch of people working to get noticed in the back by someone who has the power to call them up to the WWE proper.

For your other questions, yeah, Main Event and Superstars are essentially the Heat and Velocity of the modern era. Literally nobody watches Superstars, though since Main Event has gone live on the network in the last couple months, it's had some pretty great matches on it. As for Smackdown, right now there's really no reason to even bother. Sometimes there's a good match, but since there's no roster split, there's no separate storylines going on over there. Most of the show ends up being recaps of Raw and if anything actually important to a story happens on Smackdown, they replay it on Raw the next week anyways.

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@yesiamaduck: He's chilling at the bottom of the F-tier down with Yoshi Tatsu and Curt Hawkins.