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I'd just like to throw this out there, Fuck Roderick Strong.

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So El Rey Network posted that Lucha Underground main event on Youtube for free, now you have no reason not to watch it!

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@chaser324: They probably are moving it to Wednesday, though that won't take place until midway through January when Smackdown actually moves to Thursday.

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@skyrider: I feel like even in Kayfabe that list makes barely any sense. How would Havok be lower on the list than women she's crushed recently on TNA. And how is Candice LeRae that far down considering she's regularly beating dudes stronger and bigger than her.

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@milkman: The most distressing thing about the whole thing is Cameron being 17 which means they either think Cameron is amazing, OR they somehow mixed up Cameron and Sasha Banks, which is upsetting for an entirely different reason.

Also on what planet is Brie better than Nikki.

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I'm pretty sure when just about anyone talks about Goldeneye, positive or negative, they're talking almost exclusively about the multiplayer aspect of it and not about any of the single player stuff.

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@corevi said:

Enter the Dragon is a pretty fantastic movie you guys.

Definitely better than whatever TNA was doing.

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I don't care what else you do tonight, but you all NEED to find the main event of this week's Lucha Underground. That match was fucking dope and made me want to go watch a bunch of AAA.

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@amp_1986 said:

I guess the crowd at today's house in Leeds was heckling a bunch during some of the matches. Regardless I'm not sure if Justin Gabriel is in a position to be skipping out on shows.

Normally, I'm all for hecklers, if the performer isn't able to shut them up, then they probably deserve it. Some of my favourite parts of comedy shows have been when the comedian completely humbles a heckler. But after the **** the WWE pulled on the UK last week, I hope they just get the absolute **** heckled out of them none stop.

Although I agree it's absolutely scummy how the Network situation in the UK has been handled, it's hardly fair to shit on the wrestlers because of that. It's not like Justin Gabriel or Sami Zayn have any say in how the Network deal went, so why give them shit especially at a house show where the negative reaction isn't being aired. Not buying a ticket at all is a way better way to send a message to WWE.

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@corevi said:
@drx25 said:

Also, Cena vs. Ryback is the announced main event for Raw.


Last weeks main event was so perfect that they remembered they needed to go back to garbage random nonsense main events with some DQ ending that will probably end with Ryback and Cena clearing the ring and then Ryback joining team Cena.