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@toisul: I wouldn't think too much of that; the person who the story came from, while usually accurate, had a bit of falling out with Reddit so this just looks like he's fucking with them.

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@papercut: I'd say a slam is any move that involves picking up the opponent and driving them down to the mat. However I'd say a powerbomb or any type of bomb is a different category of move. This is the Hamburgers vs Sandwhiches debate all over again for the record.

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So I've said it a few times in chat at this point but since it looks like we're actually getting it I'll bring it up here; there is no situation where I want to see Bray vs Undertaker anymore. I bet the build will be good but every result for that match seems bad. Either Bray wins, Undertaker retires 21-2, and the 2 decade story of the streak is ruined even more OR Taker wins and makes Bray look like a total geek. On top of that I don't want them to keep wheeling Taker out in his late 50s until he get's Misawa'd, you look at those recent instagram pictures of him and he just looks like a retired old man.

It's not like there's some huge cliffhanger on his story too, the guy went one year too long and got killed by Lesnar so bad he collapsed afterwards and had to be sent to the hospital. That is pretty much the definition of "going out on your shield". Undertaker is one of my all time favourites, but it's time to just let the dead man die. If they really want some crazy theatrical ending, just have him come out at Wrestlemania, acknowledge the crowd, do his pose, lights go out, BONG, lights come back and Taker's gone with only the urn sitting in the ring.

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@milkman: It's impossible for me to hate those two, they're like the most adorable couple.

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I leave for three days and people start watching TNA, you are all mad.

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@mezmero: Careful with the PWG spoilers dude, Black Cole Sun is super old but it was only just made available last week and people haven't actually gotten the DVDs yet. So I'm happy you're super into it and I'm on board with the Support Indies sentiment (seriously people, there's a lot of good shit out there) but don't forget about all the people who aren't near Reseda.

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Is it a bad sign that Dario Cueto is a better villian then most of the WWE roster?

I think it's more damning that they managed to take Ezekiel Jackson and Chavo Guerrero and make them into real fleshed out characters that I'm into when WWE convinced me that I'd never want to watch them ever again.

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If you're watching LU, come swing by the regular place and chat!

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So maybe someone here can explain it to me because I've never understood it, what does it even mean that it's "baffling" that adults are into wrestling. Doesn't it strike anybody as incredibly ironic given we're on a site dedicated to grown men playing video games, a medium that a lot of the general public would still say is "just for kids"?