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@cloudyimpulse: I checked the "noob" stream out just to see if the audio was much better, but the issues were about as bad but different than the main channel. Instead of echoing audio, the commentary was kind of buried by the in game audio which was just booming. The content seemed ok, explaining what different items do and stuff, but I guess I can't really say if it was helpful for newer players since I've played both Dota 2 and LoL for so long.

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@cloudyimpulse: Yeah the proper tournament starts next week Friday. The setup of this play-in series seems SUPER janky though with audio issues all over the place, though it's probably for the best that they figure out all this stuff before the real TI4.

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Coming to the realization that the Monday Night Wars probably isn't for me is kind of sad. I feel like I know pretty much everything they're going to talk about already from the myriad shoot interviews that have talked about that era.

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I'll always remember Santino for the ridiculous pop he got when he almost won the WHC from Bryan at Elimination Chamber.

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Edit: How did I make it so far into my wrestling fandom obsession without knowing fetish wrestling existed?

Because you weren't around a couple weeks ago when the thread got REALLY weird, talking about Lacey Von Erich and POV wrasslin...

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Anyone in here watch UFC at all? I'm super excited about tonight's card, even though I'm hoping there's no upsets tonight cause I really like both Rousey and Weidman

I wouldn't consider myself a fan but yeah the fights you mentioned have me interested so I will be watching.

Same. Haven't kept up as much since they started having shows about every week but I still enjoy the ones I can catch.

Is this a subtle way of saying we should all Converse wHile wAtching iT?

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@kaijuuninpo: TNA's "Golden Years" were probably around 04-07. Angle beating Samoa Joe's streak was a really bad idea that kind of killed Joe's momentum, but it wasn't the nail in the coffin that came when Hogan, Bischoff, and Russo were all hired and given huge creative control. Although the whole 6 vs 4 sided ring doesn't REALLY matter, Hogan making TNA a 4 sided ring is a really easy visual marker for when everything went to shit.

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I'm waiting for the clear path that this leads to where Brad comes back as the new Undertaker. See you guys in 22 years when we've got 22-0 Brad Maddox.

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People in GB chats getting salty about Dan talking about wrestling is my new favourite thing about the hires.