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@babychoochoo said:

However, if no one specific game seems more interesting than another, I'd say just start with Ultra Street Fighter 4 or Skullgirls.

everyone online is a god.

That's not true at all, maybe relative to a person who's never touched a fighting game but a lot of people online are REALLY bad. And if it's the person's first time playing the genre they should start by playing arcade mode against the AI anyways to get a feel for the gameplay and controls instead of diving straight into Online stuff, much in the same regard that someone playing Dota or LoL for the first time would probably be better off starting against bots.

For you @flynnneary I'd echo what others have said and look around youtube at footage of as many current fighters as you can and see which appeals to you before really committing to one that you don't enjoy. However, to add on that I'd recommend looking at newer releases as stuff like MK9 or the original Persona 4 Arena (once the sequel is out) are pretty much dead online and you'll have difficulty finding people to play with. Above all else it's important not to get discouraged when you get crushed online as it's going to happen when you're brand new.

I feel like this topic comes up a lot, maybe I should write a blog/guide on where to start with fighting games and a basic idea of what each game/series is about...

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Was Raw worth watching this week?

Not really at all.

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God damnit how does this keep getting brought back to life by people with only 1 post? Is this the first page that opens up when you get a new account here?

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@marcsman said:

Not really a fan anymore, but I have a question for you fans.

Am I the only one that finds Stephanie McMahon totally hot?


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@drx25 said:

Dean Ambrose announced his stipulation for SummerSlam (spoilers obviously):

It's a Lumberjack match. Yes, a fucking lumberjack match.

Well that's..... about as disappointing as I could possibly imagine, there's no way we go through next Raw without that changing right?

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@gorillamopena said:

By the way the Paul Heyman thing WWE released today can also be rented on iTunes.

Anywhere else you can rent it? Apple doesn't get any money from me.

Been said but Raw wasn't that great. That's to be expected when you once again main event with Stephanie. Maybe they'll eventually get the hint that nobody cares?

I feel like the problem with that end segment was not at all Stephanie and ENTIRELY the Bellas. Stephanie is actually entertaining as a villain authority figure and can actually deliver lines with any kind of emotion which actually made that bit remotely watchable. On the other hand you have Brie, who not only speaks like she's in a Japanese PS1 game but also can't even stiffly say her lines correctly (HAVE YOU STILL RECOVERED FROM THIS?). God the Bellas are the WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORST.

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@fallen189: The worst part about everything is that you could have told me that promo was from Smackdown this week and I would have totally believed you because 3 months have passed and no progression has happened aside from Dustforce doing fun vignettes. Aside from that though, I do love me some Rybaxel.

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@hadoken101 said:

What does it say that WWE 2K15 over anything else at this point is the thing that's going to make me buy a current gen console.

That you aren't interested in Destiny

Well I guess you wouldn't be wrong.

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What does it say that WWE 2K15 over anything else at this point is the thing that's going to make me buy a current gen console.