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@bwheeeler: Nope, the match had no real consequences win or lose.

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Good lord, the only thing worse than play by play Matt Striker is color commentary Matt Striker. My only hope is when Tanahashi hits the Sling Blade, Striker tries to yell out "TANAHASHI HITS THE TANAHASHI" and is banished back to his own dimension.

Matt Striker was a good commentator before Vince started yelling in his ear when he moved from ECW to Smackdown.

He's been completely terrible on Lucha Underground and I'm assuming he doesn't have a 70 year old shouting in his ear there.


@turboman if a writeup needs to be done about the PWG tag title match or Candice LeRae I'll be willing to do it.


For anyone here who doesn't know what to vote for in the Match of the Year (other) category, shoot me a PM before Thursday night.

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So TLCS was not a very good show but on the bright side, we spent 2 hours afterwards setting up our wrestling thread end of the year stuff so be sure to look out for that in the near future!

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Well that's just impressively stupid, I've never really cared for the Ascension but that promo makes them look laughably terrible.

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It's too bad they already recorded this edition of the Powerbombcast because I would have loved to hear the guys' reactions to the show.

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I just don't have words for that show, top to bottom it was spectacular.

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My off-hand list for my personal MotY is at 15 matches and I'm still not done adding stuff.... Wrestling was pretty good this year in terms of matches.

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NJPW has released a full locked in card for Wrestle Kingdom 9 on January 4th. This card looks pretty fantastic and I'd urge everyone here to try checking it out. For those that may not know, Wrestle Kingdom is NJPW's equivalent of Wrestlemania that they do every year at the Tokyo Dome on January 4th. This year Good Ol' JR will be doing commentary for an english stream of the show so it's as good a time as any to check it out, especially for those who've been pretty down on WWE as of late.

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Even though I said I probably wasn't going to watch it, I've got nothing better going on so I guess I'll check out ROH Final Battle at 8pm EST tonight (about 2 hours and 10 minutes from now for those unsure). The card looks solid despite me not having followed ROH for a long while. And hey, I can't say no to watching the Young Bucks do all kinds of dumb/amazing shit.

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Oh Dolph, you had such a promising push too. Time to start the #ShameZiggler2015 trend.