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This is some incredibly tragic news that I couldn't have possibly imagined I'd be reading this morning. As someone who had been semi regularly starting to watch AAA's weekly show, I can say the man was a pretty amazing heel. It's surreal to hear that he's passed away after just watching him wrestle on Wednesday. It's ironic that we always say stuff like "someone's going to die" everytime there's some ridiculous spot like Aerostar jumping off a lighting rig or half the shit Jeff Hardy does, but the two times I can think of where someone has died in the ring were completely standard spots. There was Misawa, who died taking a basic Saito Suplex, and this, a setup that guys did nightly for about a decade in WWE. Kinda puts into perspective just how dangerous wrestling can be and how easily one tiny mistake could seriously hurt someone


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@tajasaurus: The matches were solid, Fenix vs El Hijo Del Fantasma (LU's King Cuerno) was probably my favourite of the show but maybe that's just because I already love those two from Lucha Underground. The rest of the matches were pretty good though nothing was some standout MOTY candidate. It was just an overall fun show to watch with some great moments.

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If you looked at AAA's Rey de Reyes card and thought "that show looks awesome", it seems like the finally settled start time for it will be TONIGHT at 10pm EST. After the weird week this show has gone through here's hoping they pull of a great show.


Now that Lucha Underground is done for this week I can safely say, Grave Consequences with Fenix/Mil Muertes is my favourite match of the year so far.

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@dizzyhippos: Never thought I'd see the day where I was eagerly waiting for a god damn casket match.

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This thread has reminded me of 3 things;

1) I've still never seen Jackie Brown, I should probably get around to doing that at some point.

2) I can barely remember anything that happened in Django Unchained despite the fact that I remember enjoying it at the time.

3) I am the only person in the world who likes Death Proof

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I have nothing to say other than I died laughing for like 5 minutes at Rusev's associate talking like Teddy KGB.

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@dizzyhippos: The kicker is when you realize that she's the only person from that season employed by the company.

Edit: I'm just now realizing I blew my 1000th post talking about fucking Cameron.

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@recspec: Welcome to the LU bandwagon theres plenty of room for all. Though I think your being slightly naive if you think WWE's current program isn't EXACTLY what vince wants it to be.

I think "wishes" is the wrong word, but I'd agree with the sentiment that Lucha Underground is the type of show that the higher ups in WWE think that they're putting on.

Vince talks a lot about how they're "Sports Entertainment" and that they don't do "wrestling for wrestling's sake" while they have random nothing matches on their show that do nothing for any storyline. They've got this godawful shakey-cam nonsense in the matches to try and emulate movies and most of all, it's not even "Entertaining" right now. But then you look at LU and it's got all of these elements put together in a much better package, albeit on an obviously smaller scale. Nearly all the matches have a reason and push some story forward and the production actually looks like a real TV show.

Basically, even though I hate the term, Lucha Underground is "Sports Entertainment" done right. Or, at least better than Raw.

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@csl316: Yeah, there's totally not pages upon pages praising just about everything under the sun aside from WWE. It must just be those stupid smark fans.