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Stay frosty people, its going to be a long one. 0

So much talk with the PC version I decided to finally take the plunge and jump in to some Modern Warfare 2.  First thing thought is why is this game still so expensive? I mean the cheapest ive seen it is £29.99, there are newer games out there are cheaper then this. Its one of them things that really bothers me about the game right from the start its what 6 months old and still full price (well £10 higher then most games) .  Well anyway on to the review.  The singleplayer starts off a little slo...

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Are Dice still able to prove they can make great online games? 0

  I remember just after Infinity Ward just gimped Modern Warfare 2 for PC Dice came along and said "Hey PC guys we still love you so why don't you buy our game". This was a very clever move to really get people not only into BC2 but make a lot more turn away from MW2. Even so I always had my doubts about the game everyone remembers the Battlefield games for the second and was still considered one of the main FPS up there with Call of Duty and Counter Strike.  To be frank I never really...

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The zombies are back but its all a little underwhelming 0

  Its been a busy time for Valve, In the space of only a year they brought out a squeal to game that just barely over a year old it self. It was an odd move by them considering how much time they normal put in there games. None the less Left For Dead 2 is here and whether you like it or not it seems the series is here to stay.  For the most part the gameplay is fairly unchanged. Its your the same modes you had before (plus a couple of new ones). One major difference is now there are melee weap...

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So its made by the guys who made Oblivion and has guns? Nice 0

I never played a fallout out game before fallout 3 so going into it I didn't have any Kind of biased towards or against it. Looking at trailers and gameplay footage from what i could tell it was a Elder Scrolls Oblivion with guns which sounded pretty great. When I brought it and started playing it I was like yeah this is totally Oblivion with guns and at first I didn't like it at all. Everything felt bigger then it should be and I was also having issues with how the game was running. About a mon...

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Bailing just got a lot more fun 0

                         The first skate game would have considered a big experement for skateing games and proved that you can have a realistc skating game and not have to name Tony hawk on it to be succseful. Anyway now we have Skate 2 which is more or less the game with some pretty cool new features. Skate 2 is pretty much like Skate 1. It looks a little sharper then the first (note i playing it on the PS3 and played the first on the 360) but everything feels the same meaning you could go fro...

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Flashlights off!!! 0

L4D has perfect group of things to make a game , Zombies, a city that makes Racoon city look like a walk in the park and 4 survivors being a Vietnam vet and biker and young girl and Louis. What more could you ask for. L4D is pretty much put together of 4 zombie movies where you play as one of the four survivors who have to make there way out of the hell hole and to freedom. The 4 people are you typical zombies movie guys who u expect. Bill is aVietnam vet, Francis is the biker dude, Zoey the t...

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Castle Crashers just falls short due a few bugs and online probs 0

Ive been really looking forward to Castle Crashers since it was a shown a year or two ago. So now after so long it was finally released to the public about a week ago. The story goes your a Knight with magic powers just danceing untill a dead soilder falls down the stairs. you go to investergate and find out the some guy has stolen a cystal that seems to hold some kind if magic power, also a couple of fair maidens have been kidnapped as well. Its up to you to get the crystals and save the maiden...

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One of the most Wanted games in the last two and heres why!!! 0

So its Finally out And Ive got my copy and its just great. I completed the singleplayer in 8 hours and that isn't to bad for a fighting game Considering how most other fighting games take to fin this is very good and in that run you unlock mostly all the roster apart from a few people who can't but added till you beat the game. It has a great roster with there own great moves and the Final Smashes are just incredible. Threre are loads of stuff to collect and many gameplay modes like boss mode a...

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Best game on the PS3, as simple as that!!! 0

To put it simply if u have a PS3 then you should get this game. It could be debatable if u should buy a ps3 just for mgs4 but lets not go into that. So to start things off I hated playing mgs1 and 2 , I liked watching them but I found the gameplay just very anoying. But when I started it up I was like Is this a Metal gear game? The gameplay just feel so improved compared to the last games and everything feels like a giant step up from the old ones.The Level and environment designs look so great ...

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The Dark Crusade brings new life into Dawn of War 0

Dow was released on September 2004 and a few years on THQ decided to release this. After a rather good first exspaion called Winter Assault this one is even better. Adding two new army's and maps and just making everything better. But Considering the age of the game can it still keep up with others like Age of empires 3 and CNC3? Ok so gameplay gameplay has changed a bit. The first big change is the addition of The Tau and necron army's. Both have there strength and weakness. While most army's ...

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Even thought its remake of Ninja Gaiden its still a great game 0

One of the first games i wanted to picked up with my ps3 was Sigma and behold a week after getting my ps3 i got it. even thought there have been two other versions of the same game on the xbox it still does'nt show its ages at all. You play the young Ninja Ryu Hayabusa (also from dead or alive). The story starts with Ryu Invading the Shadow clan ninja fort to pay a vist to his uncle name Muria who is the clan leader soon after thought Information comes that his village (Hayabusa) is under attac...

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Its keeps all of its colorfulness and charm from the 360, There a 0

Viva Pinata first came out on the 360 a year or two and a little later found its way to the PC. The PC verison is one of a few titles that actully uses the game of windows features which add all the thing like achievements and so on. Mark my words when i say this just cause the game looks a little kiddy should not turn you away. Viva Pinata is one of the most enjoyable and frustrating games out on the market today. When you start your giving a patch of land where u have to turn it into a place ...

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Dragon Ball makes its way onto the next gen 0

My relationship with Dragonball games has been a very mixed one. Some I loved and some i hated. This is kind of in the middle. For the msot part its still keeps DBZ feel which I guess you could say is really all it needs to do. On the other hand you wonder if they been a little lazy as well. Burst Limit takes dragonball back to Budokai routes, This is pretty much that kind of game. If you played dragonball game before then you may already know what to expect. Its simple controls with some power...

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