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Downloading now... seems big, 10 mins in and only at 79%...

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They nailed it. 4 games in, yeah you'd have to say that at this point, Nintendo has beaten 'new' old 2D throwback Mario into the ground...and now that I heard the guys talk about the wah-wahs on the Bombcast, I can't -not- fixate on how annoying it is - thanks for that ;).... but this isn't just a cash-in. The only thing that's a little bit tired is the aesthetic. Game-wise, I see evolution. Level design is great. Worlds are highly replayable. Love the new suits. Love the return of the ridiculous baby Yoshi. There's easily 59 dollars worth of game here. If you don't enjoy this game, it's just because you're no longer, or never were a platformer guy.

Not loving the wah-wahs, or the fact there's so much recycled music. Also not loving the implementation of the Gamepad screen (it just mirrors what's on the TV) but loving everything else.

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@FlarePhoenix: Not that I think he played it 'wrong', I just think some of the game's strengths come to light when you play some of the levels a few times. There are dozens of little things that Mario games do right, just in terms of rhythm, that very few other platformers manage to do. Yet I also fully appreciate it's not going to be everyone's jam.

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rather than taking a broad position on Nintendo's approach to fan service (easy to do as a hardcore gamer that plays everything - that includes me) it feels way more relevant and useful to come at it from the point of view of some guy who owns a 3DS, and wants something to play on it. NSMB2 is an obvious recommend. There aren't that many great games yet. I still think that some games show their greatness in a single breeze through, and others show their nuances only with repeated play, delving into the collectibles, etc. and suspect Jeff didn't experience this game that way - playing the same level a bunch of times trying to find that elusive third medallion, experiencing the payoff when he got it, etc. That was my point; not splitting hairs about the basic quality.

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@JasonR86: Terrible that someone has a different opinion? Nothing in my post is hostile, man. No contention. He has one opinion and I have another.I think the game's pretty rewarding when you get into it, go after the collectibles, etc. Jeff's comments make a good common thread - we all heard it on the Bombcast.

Yes it's pretty similar to NSMB. But NSMB was for a different system. I'd recommend both NSMB 2 and Super Mario 3D Land to anyone shopping for a 3DS and wanting to pick up a couple of games with it.

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@Chaser324: magnets!

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@Hailinel: Hey, I'm allowed to add a contrary opinion to the discussion right? Point is, the game is different when played, vs. experienced in 'content tourist' mode.

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@AuthenticM: old account, never post

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Jeff used the dreaded b-word talking about NSMB2 on the Bombcast. I've been playing it for a week or so now (got a review code awhile ago). I normally see eye-to-eye with Jeff on games, but I disagree here. Sure, it's a retread and it's basically just 'more new super mario bros.' but that said, the quality is there and I'd totally recommend it to 3DS owners. I'm an older gamer and am sadly finding fewer and fewer games holding my attention - especially handheld titles. But I'll happily play NSMB2 into the ground. I'm a Mario fan (I played 22 hours of 3D Land, I think) and Mario-wise, there's no dip in quality here. It's solid.

Wondering whether Jeff just whizzed through, or if he went after the 3 gold medallions on each level? I think it makes a big difference. Revisiting levels to grab Gold medallions you missed the first time through makes you experience levels differently, and showcases the game's search and discovery elements, and seeing levels twice instead of once sheds light on how well-designed Mario games always are. How big gaps are, koopa placement, everything in exactly the right spot to maximize fun.

TL;DR it's a different (and much better) game if you task yourself with getting all the medallions, and far from boring.

Edit: yes, the b-word is 'boring.'