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Final Fantasy XIII's trilogy tells a complete story. One can argue that it didn't need to be a series, and that the first game ends things well enough on its own, but they did a good job of extending the canon and then giving things a proper resolution, all things considered.

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The game received an update. There's now a lot more space between the ground and the first ceiling, so you have at least a couple of seconds to get your bearings. Doesn't make it any easier to get beyond that, though. :P

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Kirk Cameron became a hard core fundamentalist Christian years and years ago. He pretty much gave up his Hollywood acting career for roles that appeal to his religious beliefs. Unfortunately, this means a lot of terrible movies like Left Behind.

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Still waiting on achievements coming back too.

The loss of achievements have less to do with Giant Bomb and more to do with Microsoft and Sony. The APIs involved are apparently fragile to the point where any change on the source end (ex: Microsoft) would break the achievement tracking. Why bother including a feature that barely works when the content you depend on for that feature is so consistently flaky?

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I remember seeing the first game in this series thinking "that looks cool" but wanted to wait til the trilogy was done. Never would have imagined it to have so much shit in it like what's being mentioned.

Daedalic's next game they just announced will probably be more of the same, which is a shame because then I won't play that either.

When the primary selling point is "We got the guy that played Randal in Clerks to play a completely different character also named Randal," you're not giving much of a reason to feel confident about your product.

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Please don't go through with this. Use the services others have linked.

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I still get notified when any of my followed stalwarts posts a blog at least. Keeps me in-the-know about any of @hailinel's latest movements if nothing else. Someone's gotta keep that guy in check!!

That reminds me, I should probably throw you into my list, Mr. @thatpinguino, since you're often delivering so well in the blog department.

And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling ki--wait! Wrong response.

I actually get the most use out of follows in the same way, in that it at least tells me when someone I follow has posted a new blog. I'm not entirely sure how often the feature actually works, but it at least serves a purpose in helping me keep tabs on blog activity. That being said, the usefulness of the follow system has dropped dramatically.

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I had heard complaints about Deponia before, but they were vague and I had no knowledge about the games in general beyond being adventure games. But reading this thread, good lord. What possessed the developers in thinking that this was a good idea?

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@marokai said:

@hailinel: Patricia Hernandez did actually write a piece or two about it, IIRC, for what it's worth.

I was not aware of that. Thank you.

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Is it really safe to take medical advice from a man dressed head to toe in Adidas?