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Stylin' the stylus!

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@grantheaslip @hailinel It is realistic by comparison though. It certainly portrays real life better than the vast majority of video games. Ethan is a grieving father, Detective guy is an asthmatic fat slob, Jayden is a drug-addicted federal agent, Madison is, uhh, something... None of them are ruthless mass murdering machines capable of not dying after repeatedly being shot. None of them are fearless space marines or bounty hunters. None of them can single-handedly take down a monster the size of a sky-scraper. I'm hard pressed to think of a more realistic representation of actual humans in video games. At quick glance, short of L.A. Noire, the stack of 107 PS3 games on my desk seems to agree with me.

Wasn't there that one gunfight Shelby gets into where he can actually get shot repeatedly if you mess up the button prompts, or am I remembering that wrong?

Anyway, even if Heavy Rain is realistic by comparison, it lacks the verisimilitude needed to come across as believable. It ultimately doesn't matter that none of the characters are video game action heroes because the world they inhabit and the actions they take repeatedly shatter that illusion. It's difficult to see the game as striving for realism when it consistently fails at depicting natural human interaction. The realism of the characters and their backgrounds doesn't matter if the larger characterization and actual storytelling aren't there to back it up.

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Plotholes or not, I think what people see in it is the realism. You don't play a one-man, ruthless killing machine or impossibly haired teenager with an oversized sword in heavy rain, you play real (well, somewhat real) people with real problems. I have some female friends who loved this game. For one of them, it was one of very few games she played at all the past generation. She failed miserably, but insisted I play through it so she could see the possibilities. The game really does change quite a bit depending on your actions, and not once does someone leap 50 feet into the air and hack down a dragon or single-handedly mow down 800 'terrorists' with a submachine gun.

The only reason the game can claim even a basic sense of realism is because the ridiculous supernatural element that was meant to tie Ethan and the Origami Killer together was cut completely, but not elegantly (leaving the goofy plothole where Ethan wakes from a blackout with an origami figure in his hand for no explainable reason). The core of the story was built upon a premise that they left on the cutting room floor.

But there's still Jayden's sci-fi sunglasses, at least.

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@theht: I don't think they made her more "anime pretty". They just made adjustments to what was already there. And it seems a bit dismissive to call her face childlike, or to call her eyes big when they're really not. Her eye shape is different, but still fall well within the realm of realistic. Even then, giving her a less severe appearance in contrast to the other characters was likely a conscious choice. It's really hard to say anything about the characters at this point because we don't know everything about them aside from their names, looks, and a few scant biographical details.

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@slag said:

@hailinel: Hmm, I haven't played the Amnesia games. How transparent is that reveal to the to player? Would someone reasonably playing this game not realize they are three seperate characters?

I guess what is the most likely search term for someone trying to find out this kind of info? Looking at the Amnesia Wikia, they seemed to have retained both individual characters pages and the enemy type page.

Maybe we ought to have the Suitor be a enemy concept page , and have characters pages for the three?

That's what I'm saying. If anything, the "suitor" itself is just a concept that three distinct characters share.

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@theht: I don't know. She's still recognizably Stella in some ways, but like the other characters, her features have been a bit rounder. The change in hairstyle is a big shift and makes her look really different, but it's also possible she might wear it differently at various points. More than anything, it's been very strange seeing the characters change as they have over two generations of hardware.

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@theht said:

So is that supposed to be a redesigned Stella? If so, that's disappointing.

It looks like most if not all of the characters have seen their designs get tweaked to some degree since their early reveals. Noctis's hair is much darker and shaggier than it used to be.

@ezekiel said:

I find the character designs very unappealing. The world looks too spacious. I'll continue ignoring the series.

In what way? We've barely seen anything of the world at this point.

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The character "The Suitor" is actually a page that combines three separate characters, and as such is more of a concept. I went ahead and created three character pages for the individual suitors (Malo, Basile, and Alois), so there really isn't a need for the Suitor character page to exist.

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@slag: How utterly bizarre.

Yeah, I agree. This page should go.

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Is the demo only for Japan?

No, the demo they're working on will be released in all territories, but you'll need to buy Final Fantasy Type-0 HD to get access.