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It's sad this is happening. I hope we can keep seeing games from all sorts of different people. I'm glad we have more women participating and I wish it wasn't so hostile. That said I love stuff like Bayonetta and Dead or Alive so I guess that makes me a villain too.

I love Bayonetta! I mean, I REALLY love Bayonetta - I have figures of her and art books! You can be a pro-sex feminist! Personally, I enjoy games with sexy women. It's when they're objects for men and don't have agency that I get mad.

I know your life is crazy right now, but I hope you have a chance to enjoy the sequel when it comes out.

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Some alternatives:

Sunset NOverdrive

Suckset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrivel

Sandtrap Overpar

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Thank you for sharing this, and for helping to enlighten on a situation that many people are simply unaware of, willfully or not. For what it's worth, I do believe you, and what's been transpiring as of late has definitely made me think. That's partially why I didn't respond directly to most comments you made in the letter to the editor thread. I wanted to take in what you said.

I'm not sure what I can do to help the situation other than not contribute toward the hateful culture and try to encourage others to do the same.

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I hope it turns out good, I really do, but every single piece of marketing since the initial release has done nothing but cool me on it.

Indeed. Marketing efforts like this just make me less interested in a game.

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I think interactive fiction would work fine. Not sure how many IF games gain commercial release but there are plenty of hobbyists cranking out text based IF games with tools like Twine and Adrift etc.

Not sure if there's a real purpose to split visual novels off from those.

Visual Novels have a distinct structure and concepts that separate them from interactive fiction like To the Moon. And "interactive fiction" is a very broad term. Where are the boundaries and how is it defined? Technically, all games with narratives are interactive fiction.

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@excast: It's one example out of many. And to dismiss it because it's a Warriors game is ignorant in itself in a different manner. But that's beside the point. My point is that the staff routinely dismisses female characters.

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One more note from me before this thread closes.

Going back to my earlier comments RE: Bayonetta, Giant Bomb really is terrible when it comes to discussing representation of girls and women as prominent and strong characters in games. Because I'm short on time, I'll cite one example and then bow out.

Hyrule Warriors.

I'm serious. It's a Zelda game that's not a traditional Zelda game, but it has the playable female characters, which is unheard of in the franchise. (CD-i people, shut up.) Being able to play as Zelda, Impa, or even Agitha is a really big deal. How awesome is it that the title character of the series can fight Ganon? How many women out there enjoy the game for that?

I don't know. And part of the reason for that is GB's preference to essentially say "TROLOLOLOLO DYNASTY WARRIORS LOLOLOLOL" when the game came up for discussion. The staff turns opportunities for learning and appreciating into humor born from ignorance.

Sorry if this sounds frustrated or ill-stated. I'm rushed, on a phone, and wanted to get this off my chest.

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Makes a lot of sense. Was there a reference to this left in game, maybe have been in the datalog, or something found in Vanille and Fang's hometown? I swear to God I thought there was some in game references to Seventh Ark, this sounds so familiar to me.

There's a datalog entry locked away that describes the Seventh Ark, though it's inaccessible like the rest of this content. Otherwise, other than the fact that such arks were spread out around Pulse, I can't recall a specific reference to the Seventh Ark in the released game. I could be wrong, though.

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As is often the case with games, Final Fantasy XIII includes some unfinished content that was left in the game, but the triggers to access it were removed. Specifically, the game includes an area called the Seventh Ark, which would have been accessible from a portal near the end of the game as a sidequest. The content was ultimately cut because of development time. There was talk among the development team of adding the content back in as DLC after the fact, but that was obviously scrapped.

One interesting note is that he end boss of the Seventh Ark content was a fal'Cie called Nemesis. The Nemesis model and fight were later finished up and included in FFXIII-2 with Nemesis given a new role and renamed Adam.

There's also video footage of the Seventh Ark, which highlights some of the content in its very unfinished state.

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It's under some weird embargo from Nintendo. They've said something to that effect a few times.

Personally I think that's foolish on Nintendo's part, but it is what it is.

But it's not like there isn't a dearth of Bayonetta 2 footage online right now anyway. All you need to do is search Youtube and you'll get tons of videos of the Japanese version of the game.

true, and I'm sure hardcore enthusiasts will seek that kind of material out. But I think it's pretty unrealistic to expect anybody other than ultra hardcore fans to go seek this kinda stuff out.

I would think you'd want US press outlets to be able to showcase and promote your product since it's known their readers/viewers turn to them for buying advice. All this does is encourage places like Giantbomb not to cover your game and thus reduce exposure for your product to a wider more mainstream audience. No to mention not exactly win you any favors with those outlets the next time when you want them to cover one of your lower quality or lesser known offerings.

Giantbomb & ilk, I think Nintendo either has decided is an unimportant channel raising awareness about their games, or a channel that isn't worth some perceived risk to people just watching let's plays instead to purchasing. A concern I think that is very misplaced for a Character Action Game, a genre best loved for its mechanics over the its story.

Nintendo is a very controlling company I get it, they always have been. They can do what they want. But I think their strategy in a case like this is pretty short sighted. All this does is lower the number of people who will hear about their game. I think that's a shame. I'd like Bayonetta 2 not only be a critical but a commercial success for them.

Hardcore enthusiasts are generally speaking Giant Bomb's audience. The same audience that knows where to look for videos online. And again, Giant Bomb already reviewed the game and gave it five stars, so it's not like there's no coverage on the site at all. I'm not concerned about Nintendo's choice on that.