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EA's MMA was a great game with a mediocre roster (and not a lot of modes). Sucks for THQ, but I think this will be good for the franchise.

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Hey guys, are the books more interesting than the show or is it all boilerplate political intrigues and the occasional Full Retard descent into dragon babies and smoke monsters? I enjoyed the first few episodes of the show, when it was more about the characters than plot machinations, but at this point I'm only watching for the Imp. The moment that Tyrion gets the chop no amount of nude redheads will be able to keep me interested in the show.

This show is full of interesting characters, how can you only care about Tyrion?

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Man, ME3 sure gets a lot of hate.

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God of War 3 for single player, Killzone 2 for multiplayer.

Also the two best looking games imo (yes even better than Uncharted 2).

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I bought a 3DS without any games. How much do the Kid Icarus controls compare to Metroid Prime Hunters? Because I thought that game controlled great.

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It's a better game than Downpour though.

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Isn't Crush 3D more or less the same game as FEZ?

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All I can say is that the full ps3 version runs smooth unlike the demo. Don't know about the 360 version.