Close call.

Lately, I've been playing my 360 a bunch and I have been able to get some of my summer backlog out of the way. First it was Mass Effect, then Devil May Cry 4 on Devil Hunter mode and now trying to beat Grand Theft Auto IV. I was in the middle of a mission when my console decided to freeze. I get up, turn it off and then the red ring of death happens when I turn it on.

I could not believe it. I was staring death in the face. After a year of quality gaming, this has to happen. I knew that I could not let my 360 go out like that.

I took out my game from the disc tray and powered down the console. I starting thinking about getting on to see what I would have to do to get my 360 ready for a repair. After a couple of minutes, I told myself that there was no way that this machine is going to go out on me. So I went back over to my 360, turned it on again and the rings popped up to taunt me.

Already frustrated by the way things have been going in my life, I powered down my console and went into a minute of childish cursing. I was saying every nasty thing imaginable at my console. In the middle of cursing, I made a fist and slammed onto the 360 like a sledgehammer and hurt my wrist, which led to more cursing. Finally, I calmed down and took some deep breaths to soothe myself.

After my rampage, I decided to turn on my console for the last time before I looked up the info to send it in. Thinking that what I did would have probably damaged it even more, the system started up normally with the nice green lights flashing.
How the hell did my 360 come alive after that? I could not believe that my rampage revived it (not an actually cure for the RROD so please do not try this at home).

After my little situation, I decided to try out Geometry Wars 2. It's still the same game basically as 1 but with new modes. I wanted to buy this as soon as it came out, but was turned off by the lack of multiplayer over Live. I know that a bunch of you bought it already and was wondering if it was a worthy purchase?

Well, I'm off to play some GTA. Thanks for reading.



Darn you 360. DARN YOU! I took a look at my achievements today to see all of my.....achievements and my score is like 4,000 something out of 12 or 13,000. Any of you peeps have a big spread like me?



Well, I did not wake up early like I wanted to (1pm). As soon as I climbed out of bed, I turned on my 360 and was determined to finish off Mass Effect. While my system was starting up, I checked my previous blog to see if anyone had some good advice, but it seemed that I just had to suck it up and try it again. After 20 minutes of blasting away, I was finally relieved to see that I had beaten the game.

While watching the end credits to a game, I tend to reflect my experience to see what I really think about it. It turns out that Mass Effect has become one of my favorite games of all time. It's a shame that they never got around to patching it, but at least the game is still playable. I recommend that everyone, with a liking of the action rpg genre, check out Mass Effect before a second one comes out.

As soon as the credits finished, I went to download the "bring down the sky" dlc. I haven't had a chance to play it yet. Is it any good? In the middle of downloading, Darro messaged me and we started up a game of Halo 3 on legendary. I must say that, I could probably quote Darro on this too, legendary is one huge piece of annoying pie!


Mass Effect Frustration!

Today was a slow day. I didn't really do much of anything so I figured that I should start beating some of my games. God of War is done and I was gearing myself toward finishing Mass Effect. I started playing around 6pm and didn't stop until now (4:40am).

What made me stop is that I have been trying to beat the final boss for 2 hours (replaying the boss fight)! I'm seriously so close to throwing my controller through the TV. For whatever reason, I just don't seem to be doing any good damage to him and he just winds up getting cheap kills on myself and my group. For those who have beaten the game, would you have any advice for me?

Oh boy. I think I should hit the hay. I want to try to wake up early so I can try finishing this frustrating situation before my body explodes from this mass effect. Get what I did there?



What a day...

Let me start off by saying that Giant Bomb is an awesome site. Yesterday, I have probably spent around 7 hours editing, looking at some of the database of games and posting in the forums. I think that they need to get some mods rolling through the forums because there are some people who are being ridiculous. As a whole, Giant Bomb, to me, just feels right.

Now, I know that many of you have seen, "The Dark Knight", and praised it for being an awesome movie. A couple of friends and I went to go see it at 11am today and were rather disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the movie was pretty good for being two and a half hours, but there were some things that were not great. I won't continue ranting on the movie, but did anyone else think that Cristian Bale sounded angrily constipated (overly intense) when he was playing Batman?

Anyway, I haven't had a chance to play any games because I've been at my friend's house all day. When I get a chance to go home, I'll most likely want to play some 360. There are so many games that I need to beat that it is not even funny. Hopefully I can accomplish beating some of them before the summer is over.


Waking up to a blast...

...that could only be the launch of Giant Bomb. This site is pretty cool. I still haven't seen everything that it has to offer, but I will be looking around throughout the day. I've been looking forward to this day for quite some time and now it is finally here!

What I've been playing lately is Doom on the XBLA, Halo 3 and God of War. Doom is still a scary game at times and I still find myself feeling claustrophobic in some of the mazes. I still need to beat Halo 3 on legendary but, in the meantime, the multiplayer holds me over. I finally beat God of War on normal (that boss fight was rediculous) and now embarking on God mode which is not a cake walk. 

Well, I'm off to see what else this site has on it. Catch ya later!