What I've Been Up To

Sup guys. I've been busy getting things set for my new school in the fall so I've been on and off gaming for a while. Here's what went down since my birthday. 

  • Finished my last class at County College with an "A" to get my GPA to 3.5 and getting my associates in August
  • Got accepted to a 4 year school and can't wait to not live at home for a while
  • Got the core i7 Macbook Pro 15' and believe it is the best laptop I will ever use
  • Found out two girls were into me but turned them down after hooking up for a bit because I can't get a job
  • Started the "Insanity" workout and can already see results but I have to control my bad eating habits
  • Was pissed at Call of Duty because of all the crap that happened to me during matches so I quit playing
  • Popped in Halo 3 after a long time to get back into that, but there seems to be people that just leave in the middle of a game or put the controller down, so I stopped playing that
  • Starting playing Magic the Gathering again with a friend and just waiting for a card to come in the mail before I play in tournaments
  • Tried Battlefield Bad Company 2 to realize that I really don't like the multiplayer at all
  • Went back to playing Call of Duty, even though there are still some stupid things that happen while playing
  • Downloaded Alien Swarm and believe that getting it for free was probably the right price
So right now I pretty much just workout and play Call of Duty. Not so bad right now. Add me on xbox live if you wanna play (hairybeast87) because I can't stand most of the people I get matched with. Hope to get some games in with you guys. 
Until next time.

Birthday's are supposed to be happy right?

Today I turned 23. I feel old. I'm still in college and don't have a job for summer still which makes me stress. I guess that's what growing up is all about right? 
Anyway, my family isn't going to be celebrating it until Sunday so I figured I would treat myself to the first PSN game I ever purchased, Joe Danger. It's downloading now. I can't wait to play it. I'll have a blog on my thoughts of it later along with my birthday/summer plans. 
Have fun gaming!


I joined gamebattles and I'm pissed.

Here's the story. I recently joined that site and got approved to play in the Super Street Fighter IV singles ladder today. First thing I did was look to see if anyone was issuing an open challenge and there was. So I accepted it and found out it was the #1 ranking player on that ladder. 
The match starts, I'm nervous, I'm not pulling off combos (granted I haven't really played the game in like 4-5 days), and he didn't even pick his main but I was getting pressured very easily. He wins the first two rounds, first to 3 rounds, then I win the next two. At the start of round 5, he doesn't press any buttons and I beat him in the first game which was best of 3 games. So I'm sitting there and saying to myself, "Why did he quit? He could have beaten me". I shook it off and tried to relax for the next match.
Here is why I'm mad. I'm sitting there with my READY green to go and he doesn't press it. I decide to check my e-mail and he sent me a message saying that he needed to cancel the rest of the match because he had an emergency. Whether he really had an emergency or not, I lost out on getting a ton of EXP and moving up the ladder while breaking his win streak on top of it if I had won.
The guy was good. I'll give him that. Hopefully people will actually make challenges when they are absolutely sure nothing can interfere. It's down right annoying.


Just played gootecks in Super Street Fighter IV!!!

Sup guys. I've been playing ssfiv and i need more people to play. Hit me up on XBL: hairybeast87. Also, I just played gootecks and lost but I think I can beat him if I play him again. I'm gonna post the fight on my youtube channel in the coming days. Hope to play some people from here. 
I don't really sign on here much anymore. Haven't really remembered to come on here as of late.  I'm mostly on my youtube which i started posting more videos. Hope all is well with you guys. 
EDIT**** Here's the match. Higher quality should come soon.


Need help deciding on a new laptop!

I'm looking to get a new laptop for when I transfer to my next school after junior college. I'm looking to get into television production and to start doing my own thing with video and audio editing. I also wanna have a decent gaming machine and not have to worry about upgrading for a long time. I'm deciding between a dell studio xps 16 and a macbook pro.
The Dell I'm looking at  is here. The main thing I would only do to it would be to add more ram because to me that laptop is pretty decent. Although, I'm not a tech wiz and would probably not know if this would be a good choice or not. I was also thinking about getting the higher processor but figured that the one selected is good enough and if I just added more ram to it, it would be better.
The Mac I was looking at was the macbook pro 15' 2.66ghrz model that's $2000. To me, this seems to be a rip off in price but many people are in love with Mac and seem to know they are good machines.  I have no experience with Mac but heard they are good with multimedia editing. Other than that, the price is still high.
Well, that seems to be where I'm at now. I heard that this summer Apple usually holds a conference and could potentially introduce new things for the mac pros or drop the price. Other than that, I may lean towards the Dell I was looking at. I haven't really looked around at other manufacturers, but if there is a good price from another place that is reasonable, has same specs and under $2000, I'll take a look.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I think I hear a bird.

Well, I'm back on twitter. Here it is. I don't have any of you guys information on twitter anymore but still wanna be updated on what's going on with you. I feel like I do more stuff on there than here so yeah.


What do you get out of blogging?

I've been thinking about this for a while now. What does blogging do for you? Do you blog often? What goes through your mind when you think about making a blog?
I'm trying to think of when I actually blog about something and what it does for me. I can't really put my finger on it. I'm a communications major and I'm starting to think that slowly, people need to always have a feeling of being connected to someone, even if it's someone that can't be physically present. Think of cell phones, we more than likely always have them on and check them far more often than we should.
Okay, now I'm just getting off topic. Anyway, whether you do it or not, blogging is slowly starting to become a hobby of many people who are on the internet that feel they have something to say. Are half the blogs that are created even worth your time? What do you think of your own blogs, do they contribute something that many people would benefit from reading or watching? Or is blogging going to start simulating conversations while eliminating the need for anyone to be physically present?
I'm just interested in knowing what your opinion is.


I hate snow!

Seriously, another storm? There better not be classes tomorrow or I'll freak out. This winter has been ridiculous. It's depressing to me that I can't start playing tennis yet because of all the rain and snow. 
Anyway, I haven't really been around much to update what I've been doing. Since last blog I beat Mass Effect 2 (awesome), bought Forza 3 (awesome), tried Lost Odyssey (really liked it but the 4th disc doesn't work so I didn't bother to play more), started playing through God of War 2 (awesome but stuck on a boss), bought NBA Jam TE for Sega Genesis (awesome) and getting back into Modern Warfare 2. That's a long sentence. This one is short.
Not really interested in blogging much because I don't really have anything to contribute to what has been going on lately. I was thinking of doing a video blog but those are really stale now. I probably couldn't make a good one anyway because my camera gets out of sync and my laptop just constantly gets hot because I can't get to the fan to clean it and makes the video jumpy. So I've been looking into getting a new laptop that's not too expensive, but is able to play some recent games, handle editing video and with long battery life.
Hope all is well with everyone. Stay warm.


Street Fighter IV

Well, in case some people want to know, my game of the year for 2009 is SFIV. Just simply my favorite game to play as of now and last year. I've gotten back into it for a while now and that's basically all that I play now. I've been playing championship mode with Guile and made it to G2 a couple days ago.
Let's just say that I started playing as Guile last week and I'm slowly getting decent to be able to hold my own against certain people. Guile isn't the best or the most adapt character, but if you have the patience and reflexes, Guile is nasty. I'm not at that level yet but I want to play with you guys, if you still do. I remember a couple of people on here being into it and would like to get some friendly matches in.
Gamertag: hairybeast87
I'll have more time to game now that school is getting less and less time consuming.