Not a whole lot has happened since my last blog. I have been playing Street Fighter IV a bunch now because I am trying to learn Abel. He is a pretty fun character to play but is really hard to master. Going from characters that are similar to Ryu to playing an Abel is a huge adjustment.

To help me get used to playing as Abel, I was fortunate enough to pick up a TE FightStick. The day after I posted my last blog, I woke up, saw gamestop had them in stock, and went to my nearest one in record time. I asked the dumbass, "Do you have any TE fightsticks for the 360?" He goes in the back and pulls one out and says, "We had this one in for a week and you are the first person to ask for it."

Hearing him say that really got to me. I know that I've checked gamestop's website a few days prior to getting the stick and they never displayed any information about having them in stock. To me, that just comes off as lazy. If you are looking for a stick and no gamestop shows they are in stock, call the store anyway because you might get lucky.


Impulse Buy (SFIV TE Fight Stick)

Best Buy just sold out of 360 sticks and I have a $100 gift card for them and would cut the cost in my favor. On the other hand, I don't want to wait to see if they will get in any more soon which most likely won't be the case. I may be able to gather some money and purchase it from Madcatz themselves right now. Question is, should I just get the stick now and have it in a couple days or hold out for however long best buy takes to get in more to save some money?

While typing this, I'm holding my friend in a headlock who told me to wait until I try out his fight stick and purchase mine the following day. At the time, Best Buy still had them. I woke up the next day to see that they just sold out. So now he suffers.


Little Pissed

So, I was going to buy the TE fight stick for 360 yesterday but my friend says, "wait a day and come to my house to try it first before you buy it". So I go to look it up today from best buy's website and it's sold out. I would buy it somewhere else but I don't have the money. I'm planning on using gift cards and coupons to make up for it but now I have to wait until they get more in stock.

Seriously, FUCK!!!!!!!

I'm pissed because there are tournaments coming up around my area for SFIV and I wanted to have the stick to practice a bit before going. I guess now I have to go and watch my friend play for however long it takes to get them sticks in. I may still enter the tournaments for fun if there is no fee, but I just don't feel confident enough that my skills are up to where they used to be, even if they were minor skills. I guess that's what you get when you to take advantage of the opportunity while it's still there.


Just broke 10k achievement points!

WOOOOO. Yeah I just broke 10k gamerscore and it only took me 2 years to do it. The achievement that did it was On Instinct from Prototype which was completing the Mother Boss Battle. Pretty cool I must say.


I love my Xbox.

I'm so happy that I have an Xbox360. It has great games. Fantastic networking with friends. Also, some awesome exclusive games.

I probably almost love it as much as this kid.



Switching Gears

I can't express how much fun I've been having while playing Prototype. This is just a fun video game. I am getting really close to completing the main missions and it is getting insanely hard. Totally worth my money.

For the past few days, I was looking on to see what new DLC has been coming out and noticed that they released a 12 song Iron Maiden pack. I was thinking of getting it but don't know if I will like ALL of the songs. Did anyone get it? I might pick up a few tracks.

Happy Bday To Me...

I'm 22 today. Yay? And drunk a little now so I dont' really know what is tis going to look lkie. Ummm. I still can't rent a car, but I can drink, smoke (i dont smoke), and other adult stufff still. 

So yey I'm 22. Not a great age to be. I'm still in college, have 3 more years to go (hopefully) to get my bachelors and I'm a hardcore gamer. I really like my life though, not much to complain about andd that is an important thing. I might get prototype today. Some okay reviews on it and it still looks fun to play.

Now for me to chug wathr so i don't have a hangover. O yeah, go and see the movie The Hangoever, that movie is hilarious. Have a great day guys1

What I Believe Prototype May Be

*Let me first say that I have not played the game, I have only watched someone else play a retail copy for a while*

To just get right into it here. I couldn't sleep last night so I went browsing around for something to watch and found over 500 people watching this guy play Prototype. My first thoughts were, "Holy shit! There is so much chaos going on that it just looks like a blast to play.". So I stuck around to watch a little more.

What the guy was mostly doing was savagely destroying everything in his path, consuming other humans either to regenerate health or become them, and constantly having to rely on getting into a tank to take on what seems like the army most of the time. Something about constantly getting into a tank didn't seem like a fun way to always make the best of a situation, especially when the tank blows up and leaping onto the next one near by. To me, I thought that the "Prototype" was supposed to be this crazy ass thing that you became and gave you insane powers to annihilate everything in your path, even tanks. Granted, he could have been at an early point in the game and did not have these powers unlocked yet, which would make sense.

What I thought looked awesome, was the ability to run up buildings, holding a helpless lady while hoards of an army are unloading everything they've got at you, just to reach the top and throw the lady off to her death (which was freakin' hilarious). Also, the ability to glide in the air, shoot straight down onto a street filled with helpless humans and what looks to be an endless wave of taxis, to shoot tons of spikes out of the ground to slaughter everyone around you. There's something about creating so much chaos that not only is awesome to watch, really make me want to get my hands on this game when it comes out today? Tomorrow? I don't know.

I'm still waiting to see some reviews. It's 8:30am and there is only 1 review from the UK, which I can't read because it's in a magazine. That could mean something. Either this game is getting semi-good scores and not being allowed to show until a certain time or everyone is trying to catch up from E3 last week, which are my assumptions.

Come on game sites, show me your scores!