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No thanks.

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I'll be adding most people so feel free to add me back!

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This is my first Pikmin. I'm really enjoying it. It was a little overwhelming at first because I'm not really into strategy games, but it's pulling me in. Really beautiful and fun to play.

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Got one last week. Looking to add some people who use the Rayman App along with other games that are coming out.

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I saw the headline, read what Rorie wrote and still in disbelief. My thoughts go out to his family, friends and the entire Giantbomb community. He will live on in all of the content he was apart of in his career.


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The steam argument makes sense, but with the rise of drm free sales through humble bundles and such raise the question as to why there needed to be so many restrictions in place on your connection even with digital titles? When you buy a digital game through xbox, it's not like a friend can borrow it (you can allow them to play it if they are one of 10 people you select), so why would it stop working after being offline for 24 hours? I can play games on a tablet without wifi, but it's not required to always be on in order to play anything. It's such a lame excuse and I feel that Microsoft wants to be like apple, which is fine, but I can see only getting the stuff at Microsoft stores in the future if retailers are mad about anti-used.

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If it does come to PC, I'll be interested to see if it allows cross-platform multiplayer with, at least, Xbox One players.

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What I'm getting from this is that there will probably be less technological leaps in the future. HD is still pretty new to some people and becoming more affordable as the days pass. The important thing that all the console manufacturers need to have is the mindset that people will not shell out piles of cash to purchase consoles in this economy. Keeping the cost low by innovating on current technology and not pushing unnecessary upgrades could lead to a greater adoption rate out of the gate and move steadily into the future.

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I'm not boycotting anything. Just moving more toward PC gaming for now.

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Steam will not be on any consoles, so Valve will only be releasing it for PC/Steambox if it's made.