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I would probably shave it. Better to be fully bald than to have an attempt at hair.

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Pretty neat stuff, love the simplicity of it. Would be kinda rad to have platform specific stuff dealing with the "I want to play" portion.. would be rather cool to be able too look it up and see others that also want to on your specific platform. I assume this is a thought that has already been tossed out there

This would be a really nice feature.

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I'm replaying through this game on 360 with it installed and it's much better than playing it off the disc. It's still not stable and has texture pop-in, but I can look past that and enjoy the story. I really like the music, sci-fi theme and the story. I understand the negatives, but for me, it's one of my favorite games.

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I have no problem with them wanting to sell those games at $70, but I probably won't be buying any games going forward at full price unless it's the 1-2 must have games of a year to me.

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The specs seem really nice. I highly doubt they will be able to sell this around $399, but $599 is too much. The sweet spot for the console you want will probably be $500.

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Nintendo is in it's own world now. Hopefully the first party games are awesome because I feel third parties won't be able to afford just making a game for the WiiU. Look at Rayman. I bet if Bayonetta 2 doesn't sell a lot then it will get ported over later.

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You have some grammar that you need to correct, but nice review overall.

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Let's see your gear! I always love seeing what people are decked out with when they finish Inferno.

Here's the link to my gear.

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I think they made this game easier somehow or the people I wound up playing with were stocked up with farmed gear. I barely have anything of value on my Wizard and was finally able to do it. It's pretty sad that not many people are playing this game anymore because, to me, it's still a great game that could use some more substance to it. Hopefully when 1.0.7 comes out soon more people will get interested in it again, but I'll just have to wait and see.

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@SpartyOn: iPhone 4s. I like it.