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@MrCellophane: It's much cheaper to buy a used copy and install it to the hard drive to ensure that you don't get any disc errors. Even though I hate GameStop, if you have one near you, there will be more options for you to save some money. Also, you can return some games for a full refund if you don't like it. So that's a plus.
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I think multidisc could be a lot easier if they just have the other discs be installation of the other parts of the game while you have to have the first disc in to play everything. The only thing else that would need to be implemented is a code in the manual or something to recognize all of your content so that you can't disc swap.

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I had bad acne when I was 16-17. I just recently grew out of that about a year ago. I'm 23 now and I still get the occasional pimple when I find myself under a lot of stress or eat some junk food. 

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Well, I went to a Community College for about 3 years before going to a University. I'd say that my education will finally cost around $38,000-$40,000. I still have one year to go, but that estimate sounds very close.

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I picked Oshawatt. The final form looks sick.

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@Slaker117 said:
" I hate it when games crush on me. They're nice and all, but I just want to be friends. "
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Super Troopers

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I would like to see Marvel Super Heroes. I don't think we will be getting any of those games though because they probably wouldn't sell well.

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I may be down to rock.  
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I'm sorry to be commenting and not knowing a specific answer, but I believe that YouTube pays through their AdSense system. So for instance, if you happen to receive a lot of traffic to your videos that generate somewhere between 10-100,000 or more views for each one, YouTube would most likely contact you to ask if you want to have ads in your videos. So depending on how many people are seeing the ads would generate a certain amount of money for yourself.  
The amount of money however, I cannot tell you, but there may be someone else to fill in that gap.  
There may be other ways for you to generate money as well and that may depend on the certain products that are seen in your videos. I know that the YouTuber, Shay Carl, gets offered deals for either reviewing products or having some product placement in his videos because he constantly gets high traffic to them. So there may be other ways for you to make money within YouTube, but not directly from YouTube. The amount of money could be a broad range of numbers depending on the situations stated above.  
FYI: I'm sure that most people would not be comfortable revealing how much they are receiving from YouTube or any job. I still hope that you receive the answer you seek.