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It's going to be the same game either way. Some people will be able to enjoy it on their PC and others will enjoy it on their console. If you are going to play it and keep thinking back to how it looks on PC and not be able to enjoy it, then maybe you secretly want to build a PC. Next gen is around the corner and PC now is going to show you what to expect if you decide to hop on board.

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In a formal setting yes. Otherwise no.

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I think your first gen will be your favorite. Mine is Gen 1.

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I think if they were able to get the Wii stuff out of it's own mode and put into the Wii U software to take advantage of the Wii U stuff, then maybe. Probably not though.

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Sports drinks and greasy fast food work for me.

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I honestly think it would be a toss-up between Journey, Walking Dead, XCOM and Mark of the Ninja. Who knows.

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I think once those must have first party Nintendo games start coming out, they will start to sell out everywhere. I think Nintendo doesn't want a shortage as drastic as the Wii was, even though I feel the Wii U doesn't have all the hype that the Wii had.

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I remember liking all of the maps in the first Black Ops, but this game just has maps that make no sense to what Call of Duty is. I do like a couple like Plaza, Yemen, Slums along with maybe 2 others, but the rest I can see me not even growing to like over time. I can say that I still love Nuketown, but that will only be an "event" map in matchmaking now...

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@Garfield518: Maybe it falls on the stores and sites that advertized that Nuketown would be a bonus for pre-ordering. I think I remember GameStop using it as a bonus along with naming new bonuses every couple weeks or so. If it wasn't Treyarch who said it was for pre-ordering, then it was sites making it seem like it was for doing so.