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It's been a while since there was something along the lines of the Two Human video, but from what I'm seeing is that some people are in a transitioning phase in their life. Ryan is getting married, Vinny has a kid, Patrick got married, being in the GameSpot offices dealing with corporate stuff and not having too much time to make stupid videos and so on. As immature as they are, some other things in their private and professional lives could be shaping their actions at GB going forward. Not saying that this is accurate, but just what I have been observing and it's not a bad thing.

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One can argue that even though Infinity Ward deteriorated and put out a semi good game last year that Bungie has put out consistently good games every time. Bungie is still a studio that has most of the original people heading it while Infinity Ward lost a good amount during that crazy time. I think Treyarch is going to hit a home run with BO2. Bungie hit a home run for every Halo game they made (ODST is debatable, but still a worthy game in the franchise).

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The last one looked really fun. I'd be down to play any of those really. GT hairybeast87

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Why not just lay low at the start of the game for a while and then start going after the leaders? I actually really like the mode even though it can be frustrating. I'm sure they will add regular FFA if enough people demand it. Get on those 343 boards.

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GT is hairybeast87

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It did feel much shorter in comparison, but there is some great variety to the game. It's not going to feel like a Bungie game, but it's not a bad thing.

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Nuketown was my favorite map out of all the CoD games. I will be happy to know that I can still play it in a way in the new one.

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At $60, the only games I would buy at full price would be Halo and CoD. Gears would be up there too but I don't play those online for long and it's not an fps. Can't think of any other fps that has a long lasting value for me.

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Have many friends playing it? Play with them. Not wanting to play online makes it almost an automatic pass for anyone. I'm sure there are people not invested in the stories anymore for these games.

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I think this game is okay. Too many times where you are restricted to walking or being forced to watch certain events without letting things just happen for my sake. Here's what I would like from Capcom, let the player just play the game and have things happen without taking control away from them as it would add to the exploration and tension. Infinite magnum ammo makes the campaign way more fun though and mercenaries is also a nice distraction.