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Realized when putting the finishing touches on populating Kamen Rider (Concept) that its content would ultimately be better served on Kamen Rider (Franchise). Requesting to transplant the body of the former to the latter, which already has (most of) the proper game/concept associations in place.

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I've been trying for quite some time to get a properly-formatted guide draft up and running (a weapons FAQ for The 3rd Birthday), and the Guides framework is boggling my mind to no end. The table of contents doesn't let you drag-and-drop sections as advertised, the text editing windows start to malfunction with continued opening and editing, and on at least one occasion I've had the entirety of a draft autosaved as the default Guide template. How long until some or all of this is fixed? (Or is it even something as simple as me needing to use a browser other than Firefox 4.0.x?) I'm getting quite tired of having to post guide entries in reverse order, as I wound up doing with the Protective Gear FAQ for the same game.

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All this talk of squad/cover-shooter genre-shifting makes me pray that if RE winds up trying to go the way of The 3rd Birthday, the storyline quality better not attempt a similar nosedive.

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@lead_farmer said:
" It's alright so far.  I'm only a few missions in though.  Somebody please tell me the enemies become more varied as you get further in the game. "
An average of about one and a half new species per episode tickle your fancy?

...but yeah, aside from some situational enemies, it's mostly Slackers and Wads. And Beans. If it's any consolation, you'll learn to hate the latter two on anything above Normal.
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Sounds like a heck of a plan. (Which totally reminds me, I probably ought to wrap up some loose ends here shortly...)