Why I love those games

1 Legend of Zelda - one of the first video games i every really played, when i was seven and bought my N64 I had LoZ OoT and it took me a good 3 years to beat it because i didn't understand how it worked. However since then i have beaten it multiple times, getting all the items. On top of my personal reasons, LoZ OoT really brought a lot to the gaming community it wasn't the first epic adventure game but it was one of the first to do it right.
2 Halo 1 - I didnt have and xbox until 3 years ago and when i got it i knew the first games i needed were the Halo games, and of the three i loved halo 1 the most. It held no political maneuvering by the arbiter, and no strange alliances with the elites. It was simply a man on a mission to survive and do as much damage to his zeno enemy, you knew you were some sort of super human but at the Halo 1 point of the story the player really isn't given much information about the protagonist. With the introduction of the flood, it became the first game since doom 3 to actually give me that feeling as if I running in fear not a character I control.
3 Bioshock 1 - When I play a game no matter how bad the graphics/gameplay if it has a good plot then I will love the game, bioshock one was not bad on graphics but its gameplay was a little too easy. The story of Bioshock was amazing and the shyamalan like twist about atlas blew my mind. Another big factor was the game was based off of the book atlas shrugged, and i have a soft spot in my heart for book based games. Another large factor to my liking bioshock is when the first time my plane crashes, you go into the mysterious light house, go down in the bathosphere, and see the spider splicer straight up murder someone the game just got scary as shit to me. Not that someone died, but that he was begging for his life and this guy just took delight in gutting him like a fish, and throughout the game the makers of bioshock kept that atmosphere of fear.
4 Mass Effect 1 - Mass Effect is kind of a guilty pleasure for me, I have beaten it 6 times. 3 on the computer and 3 on the xbox, it's story and ability to show how the small scale actions of one man (and his krogen compadre) could change the large scale threat of the galaxy. Also after watching the starwars movies an innumerable times saving the galaxy in a futuristic spaceship with alien allies, I felt like i was the greatest man alive. On top of that, the characters being developed to a novel like level really enhanced the experience of the game.
5 Half Life 2 - From the moment you step off the train in to city 22 the feeling of living in the half life universe was overwhelming. The immersion half life 2 forces you into, only during boss fights or maybe when you have the enhanced gravity gun do you ever feel like you are playing a game rather than an interactive movie. Because you feel as though you are gordon freeman through out the game when people talk well of freeman or talk of him as a legend it really makes you feel as though you are being praised. With the additions of the two and soon coming third episode the Half Life 2 universe has as many, if not more, twists and turns than a standard 30 - 50 hour game. The combination of puzzles and first person shooting is pretty awesome and makes me wish there were more games that would have puzzles that you actually get stumped on. Also it was nice to always have the female character around so Freeman would always be the Knight in shining, HEV armour.