So my 360 just spoiled part of MGS4 for me...

Let me just preface this with saying that I don't own a PS3 (yet) but MGS4 is one of the big reasons I'm gonna get one at some point because the MGS series is one of my alltime favorites and I'm looking foreward to playing the latest chapter of Snake's story for myself. I had been able to completely avoid any spoilers of any kind. I was completely in the dark about anything that happens over the course of the game.

I say "was" because 5 minutes ago I decided to log on to Live to see if anything new had come up. Also wanted to check out the demo for that Mark of the Wolves game with the gloriously engrishy description Jeff talked about in an article a few days ago when I see something called "SendUAMessage" featured on the Spotlight channel.

I decide to check it out and it turns out to be some video with two dudes with stupid haircuts answering questions from Xbox Live users, or something. So after answering questions about Halo: Reach and Natal (or rather, gushing on about how they will be the greatest things ever since sliced bread and the invention of the wheel, respectively) a question about what MGS: Rising is comes up.

So the two dolts start out by stating that "you of course haven't played MGS4, for obvious reasons". Yes you idiots, because no one in the entire world owns both consoles, right? And then the kicker:

"Well if you're wondering why Raiden looks like a robot, it's because [MAJOR MGS4 SPOILER]"

There was no spoilerwarning whatsoever that they were gonna devulge story details from MGS4. Frankly, I'm pissed. This kinda thing is not okay.

I'm sure some people will tell me I'm overeacting, but the MGS series has always had the story as it's major draw for those who love it and also the biggest item of scorn and redicule for those who hate it. I personally love it, and feel really pissed of at MS right now for spoiling a part of a game I was looking foreward to experienceing for myself.