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I'm moving from North America to the UK and am thinking of bringing my PSP and DS to tide over my gaming habit until I work out away to get my home consoles over there.  While I know the PSP is region locked, (and am sure there are ways to get around this) are they both dual voltage?  In other words, can I just buy new chargers for them there, or will I need transformers and crap?

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*nasally nerd voice* i liked this game back when it was called arino no chosenjou you n00b.

in all seriousness though, I'm so happy to see this come to North America!  Can we expect a review?

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Harold - Fallout Series
Torneko Taloon - DQ4 (I've not played his other games)
Ramza Beoulve - FFT
Magus - Chrono Trigger
Rolf - Phantasy Star 2
SHODAN - System Shock 2, if it counts.

Also, Teddie's kind of growing on me in P4, I'm roughly 40 hours in.  Everything about that character should annoy me, but he amazingly doesn't.  That's pretty special

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Totally!  I'm in Canada and I play Japanese dudes in Space invaders extreme often.

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For the sake of definition, would your squad from Rainbow Six or something be an AI companion?  Or are we looking for something more personal, like an Alix Vance?  This concept would be helped by a tighter definition.

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I don't seem to remember there being an abilitease segment in Deus Ex.  Could anyone refresh my memory?

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As a Canadian, I've got to pour one out on the grave of Sir Tech.  Truly a great developer in their day.

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Best manual ever:  Falcon 4.0


The manual was so big it was the box!  They just shrink wrapped this binder with the CD inside.
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emnii said:
"It's probably less about going green and more about going cheap. I think the last game I bought that had a manual worth a damn was Neverwinter Nights and that came with the disappointment of paper sleeves for the CDs. Really guys. Paper sleeves? I get a nice spiral-bound manual and flimsy paper sleeves? But that was just the start of my disappointment with NWN.

I too miss the days of beefy manuals full of character such as Fallout, Fallout 2, and Mechwarrior 2 but to be honest I probably wouldn't bother reading them if they came with games today except during installation or I'm playing and I really need some reading material for the pooper.
No shit with the paper sleeves!  I have loads of those too.  As for the game in question, I agree that a shooter like half-life wouldn't cut it, but the game in question this time around was a Civ game, which really requires a manual for quick reference, greenness and cost cutting aside.   Another one I hated:  Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction.  Having to go through a pdf for rune words sucked.  The next best thing is to print a 30 page FAQ.  Which is still 30 pages.
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I bought the umpteenth PC game of the year yesterday, and was yet again disappointed by a 250 page PDF manual.  Who in their right mind thinks I'm going to print that?  Where did the paper manuals go and what do you guys do to solve this problem?