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For non-healing potions, you will have to manually replenish them at the alchemist's hut in Haven or at any camp. Just a tip as I noticed the regular healing potions automatically replenished but the mana and the regeneration potions did not.

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On normal it's perfectly viable to go two tanks (in fact you can pretty much go any composition you want on normal), but on higher difficulties you won't have enough sustain to outlast the damage. Once the enemies hit harder you'll need more dps and smarter spell/ability usage to win the fights.

You can probably also spec one of the tanks to the Reaver subclass and the other to Champion once you have them unlocked, but I think you will find that if you swap out one of the tanks with a 2h warrior later on you'll be killing stuff a lot faster, especially if you craft some good gear for your melee characters.

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Warcry only hits nearby enemies, which might be the issue that you're running into. Plus with it's short duration (4 sec), you have to either spec your ranged characters into threat-reducing passives or use your party's crowd control abilities/spells (like the warrior's War Horn which fears enemies) to help control the battle.

The skill trees do work as you think they should. No point in wasting points in the Two-Handed tree when you're a sword and shield tank. Generally try to spend your points as efficiently as possible with a goal in mind.

In regards to party compositions, for the most part any comp will work as long as you have an overall battle plan. If you like melee characters, do you have a support mage to cast Barrier on them to let them take more punishment? If you want to run all mages, do you have enough crowd control abilities among your party members to kite enemies?

In Dragon Age: Origins, one of the easier to use party comps actually revolved around two tanks, due in part to how the subclasses worked in that game and how good a properly spec'd Liliana was in that game. In Inquisition things are a bit different, but the idea is still the same. Two tanks to spread the enemies while two ranged dps focus one enemy down at a time. It's a slower but safer strategy for a majority of the fights, especially since the game loves to throw waves of enemies at you. If you want to build such a party invest in some passive skills that help manage stamina/mana costs as fights will be longer.

Also take advantage of the tactical screen for harder fights. Send your ranged party members to the rear and have your tank/melee form choke points so that the enemy has to either fight your melee or take a ton of damage to reach your back line. Charging at the enemy (unless you outlevel them) generally is a bad strategy, try to force the enemy to come to you so that not only can you buy time for your ranged characters to deal damage, but also make trap/mines more useful.

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You will be missed Ryan. Everyone was enchanted by your wonderful personality, and your jolly outlook was loved by everyone who listened to the Bombcast or visited the site. Your legacy will be celebrated until the end of time. Rest in peace.

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The GW2 PvP scene is going to grow with the new changes to sPvP (spectator mode, revised tourney ticket system), so if you've been interested in that then I think right now is a good time to be playing. As for the PvE endgame, grinding dungeons/fractals and doing dailies for skins/pets is pretty much all there is to do at the moment.

Regardless of what in the game interests you, in the end what keeps me (and many of the others who still regularly play) going is playing and hanging out with friends. Most of the regulars on the Lincoln Force mumble still play the game because we just like hanging out and chatting about inane things while running around the world.

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My recommendation though is to go with the Order of Whispers since they're themed to fit your class, but honestly you can just go with any order you like. Each of the orders has a unique story arc, but they all eventually tie back together. They also all have quests where you have to kill a bunch of things, so your best bet is to stock up on vitality gear or use utility skills that give you a bit more survivability.

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@xven: This guide is now somewhat outdated as the token prices of dungeon armor have changed, and it also doesn't contain anything about the laurel/fractal gear.

Best/easiest way to get exotic gear sets of the most commonly used stats (AC for power/vitality/toughness, CoF for power/prec/crit dmg) is still to run dungeons. Run fractal dailies (10, 20, etc) for chances to get ascended rings/tokens to redeem for ascended rings, and of course complete regular dailies/monthlies to get laurels to redeem for ascended amulets and rings.

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@triple07: The guild has been fairly quiet lately, but with the play-as-you-like nature of the game the active roster fills up for major updates and special events. The core active people in the guild all hang out on the guild mumble (even when we're not playing GW2), so if you want people to listen to and chat/hang out with as you level, join the mumble craziness! Caution: Your sanity and sobriety is not guaranteed to remain during karaoke nights.

If you want help while leveling, class/build advice, nonsense talk about games (or just nonsense talk in general), dungeon partners, just hop on the mumble and say hi!

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In a good dungeon group all classes are viable, but obviously some classes are just more versatile and powerful than others in a PvE setting. Unfortunately, since ANet primarily wants to balance around PvP, none of this will probably be changing. Warriors and Guardians are powerful in the current PvE setting, and can carry a group of incompetent pug players through a lot of the explorables. This shouldn't stop you from playing an engineer, necro, ranger, or a mesmer if you find them fun however. Just keep in mind that they're just not as powerful in PvE as the aforementioned classes you're considering.

For now I advise just playing around with the different classes and figure out which class you like the best. Rather than worrying about which class is the most viable at endgame, figure out which class you have the most fun with.

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Giant Explosives. Also, this path in CM sucks.