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It's great to hear Vinny with Brad and Jeff!

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Good post! Are you a Sniper Elite fan jimmyfenix?

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BW is one of my favourite horror movies..

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Good stuff.

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Amazing. Really cool picture. The Magic card was kind of nice too!

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A very nice writeup Patrick.

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@jz: I think I'm going to be sick too. I just... no. Despite having never met any of these guys, they've always felt like a safe constant in my life.

Just. No, please, God, no.


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This is truly horrific news.

I have been listening to Ryan every week for at least 10 years. He's been with me when I have been running, before I went to sleep, when I've been on vacation...

Finding friends that have the same burning passion for this industry as I do in real life is almost impossible and now I just lost one of my giantbomb friends.

Rest in peace Ryan.

To the rest of giantbomb: stay strong and know that I am with you in remembering an old friend.

I'm 38 years old, sitting in sweden and crying over a person I've never met. That says something about me, but I also think it says something about Ryan.

I hope you are going someplace great.

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