My PC Playlist

I'm getting back into PC gaming and I want to find myself some quality games to play that I might have missed this past decade. I've decided to try and play a varied mix of games and I'm especially interested in games that are unique, original or genre/platform defining in some way. If you have a game to recommend it would be most appreciated if you could please post it here.   
I play almost any genre but FPS's are not my favorite and I prefer to stay out of the first person perspective but I will however be willing to try those games that bring/brought something new or unique to the table.
Main criteria: 
I've decided to start with strictly games released in the past 5 years  
Does not need to be PC exclusive but no multi-platform games that came to PS3  
No MMO's for now  
Must be downloadable, preferably Steam but not a must
Must not be at full retail price, I'm a budget gamer and can not afford to spend a whole lot  

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