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I am the number one and its 4 am... good night.

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I'm pumped about this game... I loved the first once I got past the bugs and horrible optimization.
Now I've got a new (ish) PC ready to rock... its gona be a great fall for shooters with rpg elements.
Clear Sky, Fallout 3... really I dont need to go any further than that!

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its bugging me... I loved Earthbound so I knew what he was right away... I have his trophy in game and it says he only does minimal damage but has high shield breaking potential...
so does he do something weird if he hits a shield opponant? I've played quite a bit of SSBB and not really ever had a chance.

Just curious if theres any more to him than just a funny little cameo.

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Friends List/Friend Requests

  • Friends won't show up on my list after request was accepted
This is a bug which does not affect everyone. In most cases (but not necessarily all of them) one of the two users who recently became friends can see the other on their friend list but the other can't.
  • Accepted a friends request but nothing happened
This issue hasn't been reported enough to be considered a bug, however if it happens to you try clearing your browser cookies and cache and ensuring that JavaScript is enabled. If the issue is still unresolved, make a thread in the Bug Reporting forum.

I seem to be having both of these problems, I can see people have added me as a friend by looking at their friend list, but my friend list shows zero friends in my network, so I dont get any blog updates or anything like that.... which is really annoying because there isnt an easy way to search the user list so if I dont know someones handle exactly im stuck...

Anyone have any input on this problem?

I've tried Firefox and Internet Explorer, and I constantly clean out everything browser wise cache, cookies, temps ect... been having this problem ever since the site went live.
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