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Doesn't a gay couple bring sex into a game, where a straight couple doesn't? Parents don't question how they have to explain to a kid seeing a man and woman together, but a common reason I hear for not having gay couples in public is that straight parents have to explain what's going on there. I'd guess that a sexual situation involving whatever group would be treated as a sexual situation by the raters, but just having a gay couple not even having sex might be called a sexual situation in the ratings, just because it's not a common enough experience to most people right now to not bring up sex.

I don't think you've thought about this too hard.

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also its funny how they are touting titanfall, when Vince Zampella has been coy on twitter with the titanfall IP being solely xbox one exclusive,

It's going to be exclusive for at least a year, and that will be enough. Tons of people love Halo and they love Call of Duty. If only one console will give them a new Halo and a new futuristic Call of Duty then they just might bite. You must realize the people who only buy a CoD and a Madden title each year aren't that into gaming to know or care about any of this DRM stuff. Once they find out they won't care either.

If someone could provide actual evidence for this "one or two games a year" theory, that would be super helpful.

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@connerthekewlkid: Don't you have to be at least 13 to use the forums, or is that just GameFAQs?

I don't remember and age limit but, sure ill delete my comments if so many people don't like them. I dont really see what people are getting upset about

that's literally the law. websites can't collect any information from people under 13.

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Your feelings don't dictate whether or not a site is made up.

I didn't say they do.

I normally don't reply to people and I apologize for wasting both of ours time.

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Wait, so you can just create your own random site that not many people have heard of, and it'll actually count for Metacritic? Resume material ahoy!

Quarter to Three is a legendary website. They gave us Erik Wolpaw and Chet Felizak.

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Dunno if I've agreed with a single post you've made, Fred. Though you're smarter than most people here so I'll keep reading.

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The XBONE selling out means literally nothing. Nothin' but scalpers and fools.

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If you find a cool way to professionally package this when you're done, I will give you money! I'm sure others would be interested as well.

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I want a 360. Really bad. Thanks E3!