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My name is Hampus Andersson, and I'm one of those Swedish douchebags that hate on the internet!

On another note; no, I'm a pretty cool guy that likes to play games and take photos. I currently work for the commuting trafic within my county. There I help people get to their final destination and make the world a better place! I earlier studied Media and Communications.

I'm a passionate photographer. I take pictures of anything and everything! But mostly, I like taking pictures of people. I kinda specialize in portrait/model/cosplay photography. So if you're interested to check out some, go to my website; http://hampusandersson.se/

Other than that I've worked both with the biggest convention in the Nordics, UppCon, and worlds biggest LAN, DreamHack.

Other than that, I don't think I have so much more to say. If you ever would be curious to know more, send me a message! I will gladly answer it.