Today is a day of mourning

Ryan Davis was a person that affected everyone on this site, and many other sites as well.

I think that most of the people that actually found their way to Giant Bomb did so because of the fantastic personalities it has brought us. Ryan was certainly no exception from this, from the days when Jeff and Ryan talked energy drinks in the beginning of the Bombcast to today, where we recently shared his happiness of getting married.

It's weird how much a person that you knew not at all in your real life can affect you so much in the end. When the news reached me suddenly at work, I was nothing but shocked. The immediate reaction was that I wanted to cry.

Ryan Davis was a man that I won't forget in the first place. He was a man that made the world a better place through his laughs and his actions for us, for his friends and for his family.

There are no words that can describe how thankful I am to have been able to experience the wonderful persona of Ryan.

See you later cowboy.

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