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Yeah, the biggest easter egg for me was finding out that THE GODDAMN RADIO SPEAKS SWEDISH AT ONE POINT?!

I'm from Sweden, so hearing it was really freaky. I've subtitled it in English as well.

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Thanks Ryan.

We miss you.

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Remember when video games used to be about video games, and not people blowing up and crying about every footnote?

Hey, I think this isn't the way to think about things. You know, considering the media has changed and we're supposed to move forward as the world progresses, we need to discuss and talk about things such as who's going to represent the stuff we love. It's good to question decisions and talk about them.

Video games has become a medium that more and more people embrace, and by such we should allow the medium to evolve by bringing in even more opinions from people that might not get seen that often compared to others.

Video games is fun and cool, but at the same time we're starting to talk about video games being art we need to talk about what video games is in context to todays society. And I do think that games journalism lacks that at times.

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Uppsala, Sweden

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I'm guessing most of the things that you weren't able to solve in this act will be confronted in the second one, like the snake for example! 8-bit mode is achieved by setting the game to the lowest resolution possible :)

Anyway, great way to end the game. I'm super-stoked to play the next part. The big reveal in the end really made me a bit shocked. I actually thought that it was the Dead Eye God that was Shay, but man, was I fooled! Do the have any connection though? He spoke about Project Dandelion.

And on the note of thinking that you're someone else. I thought it was really clever to portray "mom" as Vella as well, when you hear her talking about sacrificing. I'd think at this point that the computer and Merrick are both part of the problem, so to speak.

Well, I enjoyed it very much! Can't wait to see how they wrap it up.

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@aurahack I'm with you with what you're saying. Most of the kpop I listen to as well is something that probably would be called somewhat mass-produced by people. I know a lot of Swedish people produce big kpop-hits nowadays, when they earlier worked with Britney Spears and such artists. So it's understandable that you want to give some other albums a bit more appreciation. Thanks for the explanation though, I got extremely curious when you put that comment in there!

And now you're making me want to make my own list of albums...

Also man, thanks for introducing me to Charisma.com! I ordered their album of amazon.jp now, looking forward to seeing it arrive here in Sweden :)

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Great list! Although I have to admit, very curious about your "no K-pop"-rule. Why did that thought come up?

I have a totally different opinion on CAPS LOCK however. I got really disappointed by the release and I think Perfume's LEVEL3 delivered the Yasutaka Nakata experience I wanted. But I have to admit that listening to his productions has started to getting harder and harder, since it's sounding more and more the same. Which is why CAPS LOCK was kind of a neat addition to his library, since it didn't.

I'm going to make a pretty "wild" suggestion, but you should look into the Mitchie M feat Hatsune Miku-album that came out this year. Yes, the syntethic voice is there, but since he's using the more natural sounding VOCALOID2 synthesizer it sounds aaaaaamazing! FREELY TOMORROW for example here.

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@dizzyhippos said:

winter 14 is q1 or q4?

Winter typically means Q4.

Not necessarily. It could be Q1.

Persona 4 was officially announced in March 2008 and came out in July, so P5 having a release date of Winter 2014 is actually believable. P3 was announced March 2006, and also came out in July.

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Guess it's a good time enough for this.

Cheers Ryan. Thanks for all the memories.