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@wemibelec90: Understandable. I actually didn't knew anything new was coming out until I stumbled upon the single, but now I've pre-ordered the Limited Edition version of the album on Amazon and I just can't wait for it to come out.

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As always, it's great fun to read your thoughts on this and read about the music you've found interesting throughout the year. You keep making great suggestions. Definitively going to listen to all these. I have to admit though, that I liked the Anamanaguchi version of Sad Machine better than the original. Call me crazy!

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So uh, what are people thinking about the new Capsule single? That is "Feel Again". Since there's no video for it out, I'm more curious on what you think about it. I'm pretty glad since it sounds like they're going back to the style of "PLAYER" which is without a doubt one of my favourite albums of theirs.

Also, man, this WAVE RUNNER MEGA MIX movie they posted on Youtube just makes me wanna jump up and down (also makes me a bit disappointed I didn't go to ageHa during Halloween, as I was in Tokyo and totally had the chance to).

I've been listening a lot to Utada Hikaru no Uta, the cover album that was released in December. There's some really good pieces in it, and a great variation of styles, from the electronic dance beats from Ayumi Hamasaki and her cover of Movin' on without you to Ohashi Trio's tender Stay Gold cover.

I'm not sure if anyone's posted this but maaaaan, YURIKA! Her album"Adiantum" is just absolutely amazing to listen to. From the nice samples of "Get Busy" to the more calm track of "Memory Lane". The music video for Dig It the Vintage with ZEN-LA-ROCK is just great, and a great introduction to the album.

Maybe not really Jpop, but worth a mention, is Yoko Kanno's latest work in Zankyou no Terror. The two soundtracks are just brilliant. The Icelandic singer Arnór Dan is making his first appearance as a collaborator with Kanno, but I hope they continue after this.

I hope that I managed to don't get anything that has been mentioned before this time!

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Man, Patrick! You're like one of the best writers on the internet, and I'm dearly going to miss your features on the site. Best wishes from Sweden. I still hope I get to bump into you sometime and thank you for your work. You're awesome!

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Oh boy, my hate-love relationship wit FEMM is so strong. Each time I watch their videos I just sit there being frustrated. The direction is top-notch, the music is (often, not always) great but the lack of personality from the two singers is just so dumb. think a big reason to why I come to like certain artists and bands are because of their personality, and since FEMM is supposed to be this android/cyborg/robot-something, they totally miss out on this. Never going to be sure how I feel about them.

Well, might as well write something about jpop as well.

Koda Kumi - HOTEL (seriously tho' fuck AVEX for just putting out half of their MV's like wtf)

Koda Kumi's latest is so goddamn catchy. The beat is great and Koda Kumi's voice still has such a cool range. It's really rad to see how far she's come.

How to Count Planets - Hishou

This little Japanese indie band makes some really nice music. Their latest album is full of tunes that's perfect for a rainy day or when you just want to relax to something.

piana - In Silence

From piana's latest album. I'd rather recommend you listen to the whole album, but this song is one of the better ones on the album. It really made me sway at home at least.

TEMPURA KIDZ vs Charisma.com - ミイラキラー

I know everyone on this site loves Charisma.com by now, but I hope you've all heard this collab. Also the music video is just goddamn fantastic.

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I thought I would add stuff to this thread to those who missed out the livestream.


Gameplay Walkthrough:

Both in so-so quality, but until the real deal is out, this is pretty good.

Also I'm so incredibly excited about Phantom Pain. I'm kind of thinking that I should revisit Ground Zeroes tonight.

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Yeah, the biggest easter egg for me was finding out that THE GODDAMN RADIO SPEAKS SWEDISH AT ONE POINT?!

I'm from Sweden, so hearing it was really freaky. I've subtitled it in English as well.

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Thanks Ryan.

We miss you.

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Remember when video games used to be about video games, and not people blowing up and crying about every footnote?

Hey, I think this isn't the way to think about things. You know, considering the media has changed and we're supposed to move forward as the world progresses, we need to discuss and talk about things such as who's going to represent the stuff we love. It's good to question decisions and talk about them.

Video games has become a medium that more and more people embrace, and by such we should allow the medium to evolve by bringing in even more opinions from people that might not get seen that often compared to others.

Video games is fun and cool, but at the same time we're starting to talk about video games being art we need to talk about what video games is in context to todays society. And I do think that games journalism lacks that at times.

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Uppsala, Sweden