"The Solution" from Outside Aperture

New music for your face.
In the previous blog, I posted the, "Outside Aperture" video by Eisen Feuer. At that point the end credits track hadn't been finished...AND NOW IT HAS. The track is now finished.
Bells, guitars, drums, sitar, tabla, piano and synths. GO!

MP3 Download: THA - The Solution.mp3

Outside Aperture

Hey GB Duders. It's been a while. 
Let's catch up. First off, there's this video:

Outside Aperture

It takes place in the Portal universe, or alongside it, more accurately.
Check it out:
I assisted with the GLaDOS voice FX and the end credits music. :)
Secondly, I put together a bit of orchestral music recently:

Sand Crab Riders

I was going for a sort of cartoonishly evil tone. Bassoons and clarinets carried by a thick bed of strings, brass, choir and percussion. There’s also a bit of celesta and harp in there too with a piano wrapping it all up at the end.

MP3 Download: THA – Sand Crab Riders (right click, save as) 
Thirdly, these movies are awesome:

Recently Watched Movies

13 Assassins
Gone, Baby, Gone
I Saw The Devil
Raising Arizona
Lucky Number Slevin
Lars and the Real Girl
The King's Speech
Four Lions
Chocolate (Fury)
The Chaser
They're all worth watching, but I've bolded my favorites.
Lastly, I'm back to playing games and stuff:

Let's Play

I've kept my playthrough list on GB up to date: 
Finished Dead Space 2 a few months ago and I'm about to finish Crysis 2, after which I'll need my indie game fix - or maybe a co-op fix.
That's pretty much it. I'm also working on some interesting projects and stuff but I can't say much about them yet. :)

I made a Harpejji promo video!

Last month some time I was asked to make a promo video for Marcodi. After a bit of slacking I eventually got into the right mindset and out this was pooperated:

All of the melodic sounds are the Harpejji instrument, which is kind of like a guitar-piano hybrid.

Anyways, I think it turned out pretty good, so I wanted to share. :D
MP3 Download: http://www.hamsteralliance.com/music/2011/THA-harpejjipromo.mp3

Super Meat Boy playthrough. :D

Yo dawgs, It's Super Meat Boy time.

I did things a little differently this time too; there's a tiny overlay of my head in the lower right corner of the video. That way you can witness any conniption fits that are sure to happen.

Part 1 of 18:


Part 2 of 18:


Part 3 of 18:


Part 4 of 18:


Part 5 of 18:


Part 6 of 18:


Part 7 of 18:


Part 8 of 18:


Part 9 of 18:


Part 10 of 18:


Part 11 of 18:


Part 12 of 18:


Part 13 of 18:


Part 14 of 18:


Part 15 of 18:

Part 16 of 18:


Part 17 of 18:

Part 18 of 18


No more, no more! Ahhhhhhhh! *runs away*


In Octodad you are both an octopus & a dad (Octodad playthrough)

Enjoy watching me struggle to defeat the nefarious controls of Octodad in this informative motion picture video:

 Octodad is an accurate simulation of the struggle of everyday life and fatherhood for a dad who also happens to be an octopus.
Also, the controls are terrible.
TERRIBLE. Henceforth, octopus. Ergo, Octodad.
The controls are Octodad.
A bird is now fluttering at my window, so I must leave you to go sing to it and pet deer and bunnies in the forest.

My horse is made of fire and sparkles. (Bella Sara playthrough)

Bella Sara

So, Amazon is having a 3 for 2 sale this week. Looking through the PC selection, I spotted Bella Sara, a horse riding game. BOUGHT. No questions asked. No justification needed.




It's all up from here. 


A short video blog, mostly about the above, but prior to the above happening, so uninformative as you already know about the above due to the above, but here it is below anyways:

Other Stuff

There is no other stuff.  Well, ok, there is, but it's not Bella Sara, so who cares.