The Giant Bomb Community Song!

About a month ago I made a thread requesting voice clips with plans on compiling them into a song, a "Community Song" if you will. After a slow start, the thread eventually accumulated enough voice clips for me to really get to work.
A few weeks later, it's done and it's no longer just a song, it's a video too!

The Giant Bomb Community Song: The Video

The video is 1080p - so pick that option if you can!

The Giant Bomb Community Song: The Video: The Game: The Song

Download MP3: THA - GB Community Song.mp3
Thanks to everyone who submitted a voice clip, even if your voice clip didn't get used. Also thanks to the Giant Bomb community as a whole, you're all awesome and you make this website an amusing place to be. :3

Let's Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent!

So yeah. Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
The new title from Frictional Games, the makers of Penumbra. So far, in the hour and a half I've played, they've done it again! :O
The videos are in 720p and around 30 minutes in duration. They're also commentated and edited for time, because that's how I roll. Oh and brightened in post so it's not just a black screen the whole time.

Will be adding parts daily. :)

PART 1 - September 8th:

PART 2 - September 9th:

PART 3 - September 10th:

PART 4 - September 11th:

PART 5 - September 12th:

PART 6 - September 13th:

PART 7 - September 14th: 

PART 8 - September 15th:

Well, there we go - that's it! Playthrough complete!

The Giant Bomb Community Song - anyone interested?

This project is done!

The finished thang can be viewed here:
Back in 2001, a "Post Your Voice" thread emerged on one of the forums I frequented. Everyone would post a clip of their voice ranging from simple greetings to poetry readings and death metal growls. I thought it was a pretty amusing thread and ended up using the audio files in a music track made just for the forum.
I've been thinking about doing such a thing again. Basically, you post audio files and everyone else gasps in horror at you not sounding like what they expected you to sound like.
Then, if we end up with a lot of audio files in this thread, I'll see if I can mash them up into a music track. :)
If that sounds like a fun idea to you:

September 5th - NO MOAR!

No more voice clips are being accepted! If you're one of the few people who I messaged for voice clips and you can get it to me in the next few days, I'll see what I can do.
So, the track is basically done. Soon the video will also be done. :)

Post a recording of your voice.

That's it. Say hi, say something funny, sing, rap, scream, do a dramatic reading, beatbox, make sound effects or whatever you want to do; it doesn't matter, just as long as it's you and yours. That means no po-po-po-po-poker face and no stealing the voice of someone else, because that's witchcraft...and witchcraft is wrong.
MP3 ( converter) and WAV are the preferred file types.
Upload your file somewhere and post it here. If you don't have a file host, I suggest using Dropbox (gotta register, but it's awesome.), though sites like MediaFire are fine too.
Here's an example: Hamst3r-gbvoice.mp3 
I'm going to sleep now.

August 31st - The Lineup So Far:

(Hidden for people who want it to be a surprise.)
I'll be accepting voice clips until September 5th. If there are any people you think should really be in the track, blast 'em a PM message or wall post for me! :D



Giant Bombstep is super-retarded

Right off the bat, gotta thank Connorbevans for getting this idea into my head with his remix. Also, gotta thank the GB peeps who continually post awesome in the Staff photo photoshop thread from which I plucked many an image for use in this silly video.
I hope you guys like the stupid. I pulled an all-nighter to do this. :P 
MP3: THA - Bombstep.mp3
EDIT: Here are the GB staff cartoons used in the video:

Materializing Cats in Space

So, like, you know, cats…and stuff. I can generate them with my mind and make them materialize in space. Don’t ask me how it works, I don’t know.

Anyways, this track is a lot of heaviness going on. Pounding synths, drums, guitars and other noises stacked like delicious pancakes.

Check it out:

MP3 Download: THA - Materializing Cats In Space.mp3


Gabe Newell's watching me

I always feel like, Gabe Newell's watching me...

Tell me is it just on Steam?
I had this song stuck in my head for months. MONTHS. I couldn't shake the catchy chorus. Then all-of-a-sudden, Gabe Newell infected it. Suddenly I was singing about Gabe. Why? WHY? GAAAAAAAAAABE!
I avoided making this as long as I could. I resisted, but alas, today, it happened.
Gabe's watching.
He knows I know he's watching, but he doesn't mind.

It's Resident Evil 5 Co-Op Playthrough Time

Playthrough Start!

I am playing as Chris and Sir Christopher British Steel is playing as Sheva.
The playthrough is Co-Op and done so that you get both player perspectives and commentary in one video. The videos are also edited to keep them under 30 minutes. The playthrough is 5 hours total. 
If the first video isn't thrilling you, try the next one - I think the videos get much better over time as the game becomes more interesting, giving us more to joke about. :)

Part 01 - July 21st

Part 02 - July 22nd

Part 03 - July 23rd

Part 04 - July 24th

Part 05 - July 25th

Part 06 - July 26th

Part 07 - July 27th

Part 08 - July 28th

Part 09 - July 29th

Part 10 - July 30th

Part 11 - July 31st

Part 12 - August 1st

Playthrough complete!

That's it!
Dunno what's next, but I'll probably go back to single player games and not posting entire threads about them here. I figured this playthrough would be more relevant to the Giant Bomb as it's a two person foray through an entire game in the vein of the Endurance Run.

Murder Taxi and the manly zen garden

Yo dawgs,
I've got a few new tracks here for ya. There is also visual accompaniment for each track.

Murder Taxi

First up, a muderous-ass taxi. So murderous. So taxi.
This is a funky electro something-or-other type track, somewhat like Justice or Danger. A phat beat, beefy synths, slap bass, distorted clavinet and lots of little filtery sweepy effects.

MP3 Download:  THA - Murder Taxi
This video goes up to 2560x1600 res if you feel so inclined to select the "original" resolution option. I encoded it at 12M bitrate and it was super-clean but Youtube decided to lame it up a bit anyways.

Where The Nightingale Sings

So, like...relax. It's time to relax now. Yeah, I know it was just party time and all, but now it's relax, way relax time.

MP3 Download: THA - Where The Nightingale Sings
The footage in this video was recorded at Suiho-En, a Japanese Garden nearby. Van a waste treatment facility, to be exact. Yeah, just over the wall to this garden, they're filtering poop water. Poop aside, the garden is what it is and it's lovely. :)
That all I got for right now. Yay, stuff!

The moon is terrifying.

Moonbase Alpha

So, there's this game on Steam now, Moonbase Alpha from NASA and friends. It takes place on the moon. Bad stuff is happening and you have to fix everything.
It's not easy to do alone, so luckily it can be played cooperatively. Unfortunately though, I was all by myself.
There is no winning in space. The moon only knows hate.

Resident Evil 5

Something else that has a cooperative mode is Resident Evil 5, which I played a bit of yesterday. I made a test video to see if I could edit together videos with footage and commentary from two people. I think it turned out pretty good, so a full playthrough is forthcoming. :D 
That's all for now. There's other new stuff on mah youtube page and stuff, but whatever. :P I'll be posting new music here too after I get some video to go along with it.