My "Let's Play" videos

Let's Play

I've made a list of them using Giant Bombs awesometastic list system and you can find that list right here: Hamst3r's Let's Play videos!  
The video playlists are embedded in the list for easy access.

I'd write an interesting history about my adventures in Let's-Play-land but really, It's only been 6 months since the first playthrough. Maybe after a year or two I'll have more to say than, "Well, I uh, started making these and yeah, I've kept making them..."
This blog is simply to bring attention to the existence of the list and the fact that I'm still making vids. :)

In other news

1. I can't wait for Nvidia to drop their "Surround" drivers so I can finally try out some triple monitor gaming.
2. I'm Muffin747 on Words With Friends for iPhone. I'll kill you, because I am both a pastry and an airplane.
3. The stuff shown at E3 so far that I'm the most excited about: Portal 2, Limbo, Dead Space 2, Crysis 2, X-COM, Rush'n'Attack, Bionic Commando 2, Arkham Asylum 2, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Monkey Island 2: Special Edition. Particularly the first 5, hot damn.
That is all.

Mario on Harpejji & other delights...


I'm learning to play some video game tunes on the Harpejji. Here's a bit of Overworld 2 from Super Mario Bros 3.
  The goal is to eventually be able to play the bass and lead simultaneously; but yeah, the above will have to do for now. :)


Harpejji aside, I still sequence stuff and put together the majority of a track yesterday. It's unfinished, but check it out anyways, it's close enough:
or in video form, accompanied by Beat Hazard, where in I die a lot:
 Oh yeah... just remembered:


I made a horrible mash up last month and neglected to share it here. Perhaps you are familiar with chiptune pop band Anamanaguchi. Perhaps you are also familiar with Taylor Swift...

At last...a song with the Harpejji

So yeah, it's been about a week since I got that Harpejji thing and I've made a little something with it. It’s everything except the drums:

MP3 Download: THA – At Last…

I’m no virtuoso yet, but it’s the furthest I’ve advanced with any instrument. I’ve had a guitar since high school and simply cannot contort my fingers to produce a decent sound from it. I’ve also had numerous keyboards and access to pianos and have never managed to get very good with them either. I mean, I can play a few chords, but beyond that; forget about it.

I’m pretty excited about this. :)
That aside,

since I feel the need to tack on at least one additional topic to every blog

Biplanes HD is in playtest right now on the XNA Creators Club; getting some valuable feedback on it's current state. Those guys always come up with things we hadn't considered. They're wizards. :O


Chiptune Rock part deux

Bananas. Bandanas. Banana Banditos. Err...
Anyways, chiptune sounds + Rock. That's what it's all about; and here's more of it for a soon to be existent thing I keep talking about whatever it is.
Hey! Listen!

MP3 Download: THA – Turboprop.mp3
The prior chiptune-rock thing is a few blogs ago, in case you missed it and like this sort of thing.
And uh, yeah, that's all I got for ya right's only been 3 days since my last blog here.

I bought a Harpejji and it arrived, so I made a video

Back in October 2009 I ordered this...thing. It's a plank of wood with strings on it and it makes noise, kind of like them geetars the kids are into. It's a 24-string tapping instrument. It's tuned to a whole tone scale (C, D, E, F#, G#, A#). It also has some interesting tech built into it. The bass and melody strings go through separate built-in pre-amps. When you lift your finger off a string it stops immediately thanks to the per-string mute system. Also, it sustains forever, which is weird.
Anyways, a few months into the build they offered to upgrade it from the D1 to the new K24 model they were working on, but that it would add a few extra months to the build. Decline a free upgrade? Hell no! So now, nearly seven months later, it has finally arrived. Yay!  

A few images for those who are allergic to videos: 

In Other News

I saw a squirrel. It was going like this. *squirrel*

Zweidecker - more music from Biplanes HD


Hola señors and señoritas,
I have been making noise. Rock-like noise; you know, guitars and drums and stuff, but with the addition of a few chiptune synths and orchestral strings for good measure. Yes, it's very Machinae Supremacy inspired. It's also got a bit of Iron Maiden in there, which was also the inspiration for the accompanying video using wartime footage.
Check it out:
MP3 Download: THA - Zweidecker.mp3
Pew pew pew! I like planes. 
Dunno when Biplanes HD will be done, but soon as the core game is finished. Can't show any gameplay yet though as the art is being completely redone to not suck. :)

And now for something completely different...

Oh yeah, I also tried out something different with my P.B. Winterbottom playthrough. I had a camera set up recording me and chopped that up into it's own video with a bit o' PIP action going on.
I might do more of this, dunno yet.
Lastly, I fucking love horchata.
 Rice, Almond, Vanilla and Cinnamon

This is what happens when you scream into Beat Hazard.

Beat Hazard

I've enjoyed some Beat Hazard the last few days and it's definitely a fun game. I tested it out with some screaming and other nonsense to see how it would react:
Here's the mp3: THA-beathazardabuse.mp3
It would be awesome if it could process a live audio signal so I could yell enemies to death like in Gnilley.  

More Biplanes HD music

Got some more music for ya; stuff that's not quite complete. 
MP3 Download: THA-biplanemusic2.mp3

Misc yadda blah unf crudstache

I picked up the PC version of P.B. Winterbottom recently and will start playing that today. I'm excited to get into some time-bendin' pie-snatchin' action. :D
Instead of the usual AudioSurf videos of my music, here are a few drives through real locations:

Driving through Hollywood at night
Driving on the Angeles Crest Highway
Also, Zombies:
Zombie Driver (1 of 1)
That is all.

Some drivin' music for ya


This is a Chillout track with some ideas pulled from Dubstep and more ambient styles of music. There’s a lot of bass in this track and and a lot of granular fuckery on the drums.

Check it out:

Download: THA – Hollywood.mp3 
Enjoy. :)


Since my last blog I've played through Metro 2033 and a whole lot of Gridrunner Revolution. Them links be to some videos I recorded of said playthroughs. I also got some Space Giraffe time in as well. 
I think I'm going to replay Iji as it's just that pimp.


This guy on Youtube has been making THA + rap mash-ups and some of them are pretty amusing:
1. Red Man & Method Man - How High vs. THA - Pursuit
2. Wu-Tang - Inspector Deck vs. THA - Ablation Cascade
There are a few more on his channel.

Pug loaf.

I am alone as the only person who has played I'm Not Alone...

Well, not really. Quite a few people have played it and the consensus is that it's horrible, so very horrible, which is why I bought it. I went into this game expecting the worst and it delivered. It does have some genuinely creepy encounters and the "badness" of it all was enjoyable in it's own way, but mostly it's just a tedious grind through empty environments.

I have abridged the I'm Not Alone experience into 80 minutes of video:

I've made some other, "Let's Play" videos too since my last time posting about them: Eufloria and Hammerfight.

Games recently finished:

(note: I use a 4 star rating system - not fun, occasionally fun, mostly fun, super fun.)


Bayonetta [ 2/20/2009 ]

(Fucking ridiculous. Well played, SEGA. Gets repetitive after a while though.)

Mass Effect 2 [ 2/25/2009 ]

(Superbly done; but not without technical issues. I must have Mass Effect 3!)

Eufloria [ 3/05/2009 ]

(Great to look at & fun to play but a few control annoyances & uneven difficulty.)

Chains [ 3/07/2009 ]

(I would have liked more variety, but what was there was enjoyable.)

I’m Not Alone [ 3/14/2009 ]

(I bought this expecting the worst and my expectations were exceeded! So bad.)

Peggle Nights [ 3/15/2009 ]

(Well, it’s totally Peggle and Peggle is good, so this is good, as it’s more Peggle.)


What's next:

I'm close to completing everything in DiRT 2, which is great so far.

I think I'm going to start playing Metro 2033 or Call of Pripyat tonight and record some of that; maybe all of it.

New Music

Not much new on the music front aside from this rough draft of a main title theme for an XBLIG project Mad Ninja Skillz and I are working on:

MP3 Download: THA - Biplanes HD titles.mp3

It's a short upbeat chiptune rock sort of thing.

Anyways, the project is nearing completion, then it's back to ezmuze stuff for us. :)


New Music, "The Reapers" - inspired by Mass Effect

I’ve spent a good 50 or so hours in the Mass Effect universe; having played the original and the recently released sequel. The music in both games is fantastic.
There’s a particular piece of music in Mass Effect 2 which begins with low brass drones and percussion with snares and anvil strikes. That’s what inspired this piece.
I guess you could call this a tribute to Mass Effect. :)

Check it out:  

Download: THA – The Reapers (right click, save as)