Defense Mechanisms

Hey, got some new epic-sounding stuff here. :) This track is a continuation of the ideas I expressed in the tracks, “Chaos out of Nothingness” and “Ablation Cascade”.

There’s a moody cinematic quality to it all with influences being pulled from industrial and film score. The track is mostly comprised of synth drones, dissonant noise and drums. There’s also a piano, some strings and brass to balance it all out.

Check it out: 

Download MP3: THA – Defense Mechanisms

Psychedelic Mind Surfing Love Parade ( music)

I has two new music tracks for yous.

Influence Of Mind

Influence Of Mind takes a little trip into Psychedelic Rock territory. Basically, I've taken some ideas from Pink Floyd and regurgitated them into my own thing. There are some other influences in there too, but whatever, you'll notice the Floyd. :P
Download mp3: THA - Influence Of Mind.mp3

Astral Projection

Astral Projection is an upbeat and carefree sounding electronic track. 808 drums, crusty synth sounds and some strings. There's also a bit of guitar towards the end. I wrote this one during a video broadcast.

Download mp3: THA - Astral Projection.mp3

Enjoy! :)

New Music: Chaos Out Of Nothingness (Progressive Rock/Post-Rock)

 I have a huge appreciation for Post Rock and Progressive Rock music. I borrow from their ideas quite often. I haven’t really done a full on track in either genre though. Making Contact is the closest I’ve come to making a Progressive Rock or Post-Rock track.

Chaos Out Of Nothingness comes much closer. Layers of guitars, bass, drums, piano and ambience that build-up slowly to the big finale. Not too slow of a build-up though, cause I get bored when the build-up is several minutes long. :P 

Check it out:


MP3 download: THA - Chaos Out Of Nothingness


A bit of music inspired by District 9


I saw the film District 9 last night. I suggest you go do the same, it’s very good! It’s also what inspired this piece of music.

Climate Change revolves around a piano melody that is supported by some light percussion, a few synthesizers and some soaring strings. It has a moody tone overall, but there’s a sense of hope in there too. :)

Check it out:



MP3 download: THA – Climate Change



Pixel art wallpaper - a cityscape!


I have an idea for an animation that revolves around a piece of music I wrote titled, “Mode 7”. The title is a reference to a technology developed by Nintendo for the original NES that would allow for 3D-like environments. It was used in games like F-Zero and Mario Kart.

Anyways, this cityscape is a backdrop for the animation:


The music is here:


Download MP3: THA – Mode 7 (right click, save as)

Do any of you do pixel art stuff?
Aside from this, I love Bookworm Adventures 2.

New music: Drum and Bass in your face!

Check out my latest music track:

Download MP3: THA - Solarphage.mp3


It's Drum and Bass of the loud and heavy variety. 181 bpm. The beat drops around 40 seconds in. My favorite part is the section from 1:25 to 1:56. :D


The sidewinder mode in AudioSurf makes my brain hurt, it's so hard to focus on the blocks when the track keeps shifting left and right. x___x


The sound of four Game Boys clapping...

...err, that's not quite right...well, whatever.

I finished up a new track tonight. It was made using 4 Game Boy emulators playing in unison.

I’m a fan of single oscillator saw synths being used to emulate lead guitar sounds and other such nonsense, so there’s some of that sort of thing going on in this track.

Stylistically, I wasn’t attempting to mimic the music from any particular video game, though classics like Mega Man, F-Zero, Castlevania and others will always be in the back of my mind when I’m making stuff like this, so you might hear a bit of those in there.

Check it out:


Download MP3: THA – Mode 7 (right click, save as)



Dog Face Wallpaper

This is Face. Face is a good dog.
Face lives in a tree and barks at anyone that passes by. Face likes to chase birds and dig holes in the ground.
Face is also very strong and can pull the weight of a tractor with little effort. He has six tractors buried around the tree that he lives in.


Face here goes along with the Depressed Orange Robot wallpaper I posted in my last blog. :)

No new music this week, but I am working on some stuff that sounds like it's straight out of Star Fox.


My game collection

Short blog today: I spent some time early this morning and put together a gallery of my game collection, to go along with the completed games lists I've been making every year for the past few years.

Entire Game Collection

There are around 260 games listed there. If I had taken better care of my stuff during my youth, the list would probably be twice as long and contain a lot of console games, but alas I gave away my consoles and lost, lent or broke the majority of my PC game discs. If only Steam had existed back then. :P

At least now that the list is done it'll be easy to update with new stuff.


Orange is depressing...and how!

Depressed Orange Robot

Depressed Orange Robot is a character I originally drew back in high school. He was made pretty much for the sole purpose of making a t-shirt, which I wore a lot back then.

There’s a bit of fiction surrounding him and some other characters in his world, but the short version of it all is: Orange Robot is encased in fabric and stuffing, so he looks like a stuffed toy. He lives in a perpetual state of depression because it’s the only emotional state he was programmed to have. Even so, he has found that he enjoys eating sour oranges, even though they also make him sad because they are orange like him and orange is a depressing color.

Orange Robot’s only friend is a gelatinous lump that follows him around. Also; as far as he knows, his over-sized arms and hands serve no useful purpose, they’re just heavy.

So, here’s Orange Robot, living in his bland world, feeling sorry for himself. It’s OK to give him a hug if you feel like it. It won’t make him happy, but at least he can’t get any more depressed than he already is. :)





New music

1. Everything Resolves, Eventually
[download MP3]

Went into chill out territory this time. Strings, pads, piano, horn and little percussive noises abound. At 5 1/2 minutes, this is the longest track I’ve written in a while. Just relax and drift away. :)


2. Deep-Fried Dropkick
[download MP3]

An upbeat hip hop and disco inspired track. Big synths, guitar, electric piano and organ fill this one out. It's kind of sparse because it's prepared for vocals.


I played through Mirror's Edge on the PC a few weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. The running was natural feeling and pretty easy to do. The graphics and sound were also very nice. I'm still playing the time trial modes, though I'm only getting 3 star runs.

Currently I'm playing FEAR 2: Project Origin. I think I'm getting close to the end of it. It has some annoyances, but I'm liking it a lot so far. After FEAR 2 I plan on playing Trine or maybe some of these Telltale Adventure games I've been amassing. :P

I'm also playing Plants vs. Zombies, usually while listening to podcasts (Giant Bombcast, Invisible Walls, Epic Battle Cry) cause it's easy to do both at the same time. I'm not a big tower defense fan, but I'm liking this game. I have Defense Grid whenever I finish Plants vs. Zombies.

Movies and stuff

I never watch TV and I rarely watch movies. I've started using Hulu though to watch some nature documentaries and ended up watching a couple anime series as well: Death Note and Shikibane Hime (Corpse Princess). Both were good, though I think Death Note was more engaging and had a better style. I have Voltron cued up as well, cause's Voltron.