Check out my remix of the theme to Quake!

Quake Theme

I did a remix of the main theme from Quake recently. More accurately it's a cover version. Anyway, I wanted it to start out sounding very similar and then break out into some fresh guitar riffs and new melodies. Big drums, big guitars, big booms abound. It's a whole lot of stuff going on, packing quite a punch.

Here's a video, which is a mish-mash of the seizure-inducing Beat Hazard and Quake with the HD Remastered mod.

And here's an mp3 for ya: THA - Quake Theme Remix

If you're in the mood for something a bit gentler, you should check out my previous blog: I Wrote A Song About Secrets.


The Swapper

In addition to the remix above, I also just finished playing The Swapper. A neat puzzle game in which half of the puzzles felt way too easy, and the other half had me completely perplexed and angry at my computer monitor. Fun fun fun.

As for what's next on the list, I'd tell you, but I forgot.

Chroma Key

You might have noticed that the "green screen" effect in the Swapper video looks much nicer than usual. Well, that's because I bought some light reflectors, which helped even out all the green on the backdrop, allowing for easier removal.


No Caption Provided

I did some repositioning after taking these photos, so

it's actually more even than that bottom right image shows.

WOO! It's so nice now.


That's all for now.