Got four new music tracks what I made and what you can listen to right here

You read that right. Four. Not because I'm proficient or anything, but simply because I haven't posted a blog in a while. How lame.

I'm going to put them in alphabetical order, which just so happens to also put the two tracks with vocal noises in the middle.

1. Cerberus

I'll try to ease you into all this with Cerberus. It starts off innocent enough, all nice and chill - just a solitary guitar and some droning noise - eventually transforming into some chunky metal riffs and orchestral fanfare. This is perhaps the longest buildup I've ever done in a track, but I think it works.

Oh and this one was written on camera, if you want to see how I make a music track.

2. Falling Through The Air

Now it's time for some Drum 'n' Bass with wubs and whirrs and forever-vocals. A pretty straight-forward track overall, with some glitches and short change-ups here and there to keep things moving along. Oh and this is the theme song for Audiosurf Air and stuff, so whenever that is released, you'll probably be hearing this song again.

3. It's Gonna Be Alright

This is the newest of the bunch. I've never made a proper ambient rock song before. At least, until this track. This track is just that very thing. It's all hopeful and uplifting like a soft fluffy pillow of reassurance. Cuddle it and it will cuddle you back.

4. Reveal (remix)

This is in fact the oldest of the bunch, being the first track I made this year. It's a remix of a piece of music made by a dear friend of mine. It's a fairly old track of hers too, but it has a nice melody going on and I wanted to rework it into a different style. The original is all trancey.

All four tracks have string ensembles in them, because that's how I roll.

Anyway, there you have it. Four new music tracks from this side of the bullet-proof enclosure.

I hope you enjoy them!

Oh and here are some download links:


Falling Through The Air

It's Gonna Be Alright

Reveal Remix


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Badass as ever. Good stuff Hamm3y!

Edited by BisonHero

The chill part of Cerberus reminds me of the musical interludes that would briefly play in Half-Life 1 when you accomplished something or entered a new area. I mean that as a compliment, because those were rad. Though I haven't heard them in years so I may be wildly misremembering how they were stylistically.

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Really nice. Do you by any chance have a vocal-less version of Falling Through The Air?

And it's going to be the theme of Audiosurf Air? I know you make some amazing stuff, but I didn't know you were doing official work for Audiosurf! Seems like a perfect fit.

Posted by Aegon

Wait, so does that mean you do official stuff now? Like for video games...officially?

Posted by jkz

I really like that remix of reveal. All the sync'd delays on them synths gives it a really nice pulse. Also the little string section is nice and comfy.

Posted by Bogitt

Wow that was really great, thanks for sharing.

Posted by Snail

I like how Progressive Metal-y the second part of Cerberus sounds! Also that build up with sudden snares coming in out of nowhere was neat.

Edited by Hamst3r

Thanks, glad you're all digging the tracks! :D

@truthtellah: I didn't make an instrumental of Falling, sorry duder. :<

@aegon: I guess it does. o_____o

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@hamst3r: No worries. Still good stuff.

And congrats on doing official things for videogames! :D

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Thanks! :3

Posted by BestUsernameEver

Posted by SSully

Hamster, you are awesome. Keep doing what you are doing.