I Made A Video About Video Game Graphics

I like how video games look, so I made a video about video game graphics, using squares and cubes. The video is called Cube: A Video About Video Game Graphics. That is the name of the video.

Here it is. This is the video. You can watch it now. Right here:

EPILEPSY WARNING: There are also some rapidly flashing lights in this video.

That was the video. Did you watch it? I hope you did watch it. The video, I mean.

...okay I'll stop typing like this now. Really. Like, right now. Okay. Done.

This idea has been rattling around in my head for about a year now. I started writing the ideas down back in April and the idea has seen many permutations since then. Once everything was (pretty much) locked down it only took about a month to animate the video and score the audio.

It was primarily done in Adobe After Effects with a bit of Adobe Premiere and Source Film Maker usage. The audio was done in Reaper with various VST plugins and samples. The end sequence was done by strapping an iPhone to my forehead...

In fear of setting the bar too high for myself, creating more work than I could possibly do, I had to draw the line somewhere, so a lot of games I had ideas for didn't make it into the video. Stuff like Vectorman, Starfox, Doom, Parappa, and CandyBox had to be left out. I guess there's nothing stopping me from making a sequel at some point though.

Anyway, that's Cube. I can stop thinking about cubes now and go back to just playing video games.

Posted by eduardo

Cool video! Good job!

Posted by amani

That HD cube bit made me giggle more than it should have. Well done video sir!

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Very well put together, the whole thing has a sort of warioware vibe I really liked.

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Agh, you nailed so many of the effects. It worked sooo well.

Well done!

Posted by Hamst3r

Thanks, duders. :D


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Man you really nailed the feel for each game in such a short amount of time. Great stuff. My favourite is probably the Mirror's Edge reference.

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Posted by Majkiboy

@hamst3r You are great man! Keep it up!

Posted by enkind

Wow. That's about all I can say for that. I felt like I was watching a professional promotion piece for some new-age company. Bravo.

Posted by envane

yay super hexago- uhh cube