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Nah, what's childish is the exact opposite. Children don't mind having everything spoiled for them, because it means they get to see / hear about all the cool stuff immediately. Instant gratification is a child's game. Delayed gratification, such as that which comes with suspense and mystery, is something you grow to appreciate. You're an asshole if you spoil things for others.

edit: Children also don't mind spoiling things for others. They have no concern for spoilers.

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Garzey's Wing is amazing. The best worst anime I've seen. Well worth watching.

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@daveyo520 said:

Yui has started to grow on me a bit. She is not as bad as Eren and Shinji which I am glad about.

Having finally gotten around to watching NGE and having seen all the AoT stuff, I guess I just don't understand what people don't like about those two characters (and conversely, what they do like about characters like Kamina from TTGL, or Jotaro from Jojo). No need to explain it, I wouldn't get it anyway. Just wanted to toss that out there.

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Adventure Time is pretty great, though I haven't watched much of it lately. I think I've seen all of Season 1 through 4, and most of Season 5, and a few episodes of Season 6. I intend to start from the beginning and watch the whole show all over again though, probably via the Blu Ray releases. Watching TV as it happens is lame.

Hearing that the show gets darker and thematically strange though sounds appealing to me. Also, more history of Simon, Betty, and Marceline episodes; those are the best ones.


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Why punish consumers for using the policy as intended? Some people are very picky and value their money and time. So they'll feel the need to return items as much as they want.

Be more picky about what it is you buy so you don't continually buy games you don't like.

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I'm currently using a Steelseries 9HD. Before that, a Steelseries SX.

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Hmm, at least for the moment, they would probably be:

  • Departures (2008)
  • Flash Gordon
  • Four Lions
  • Brazil
  • Castaway on the Moon
  • Yojimbo
  • Barbarella
  • Being John Malkovich
  • Dr.Strangelove
  • Fargo

10 is a really limiting number though, there are a lot of films I see as equally enjoyable to these that could have been on the list.

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Kino's Journey - It was great! I enjoy light philosophy through caricatures of society shows like this. It gave off a sort of Ergo Proxy meets Mushi-shi vibe. Good stuff.

Black Butler was also enjoyable overall. I finished Season 2 earlier today, leaving some specials and a short season 3 still to watch.

Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan - This is one of those anime I saw an episode of years ago and thought, "Well, this is stupid. I'm embarrassed to be watching this." I resumed watching it last night and my opinion has been updated to, "Well, that was stupid."

On a side note, have you guys giving anilist.co a try? I find it to be a cleaner looking version of MAL. (Sorry if this has been brought up before)

I've got one, but I find the site to be too clean and simple for my tastes, so I don't use it. Just updated it though with a MAL import since that's easy to do. :P

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After a whole slew of aliases like IEatKneecaps, smeifsmoof and Skullbinder...all the Hamster related stuff began in 1996 with, "Jamez The Giant Hamster". That name in itself has a bit of history to it, but whatever. That's too long for most sites though, so it got shortened to jamezthegh and GiantHamster. In some cases, that was still too long - and often, "Hamster" was already taken - so I went with Hamst3r.

The whole, "Hamster Alliance" thing is because somewhere in there a couple of friends showed interest in writing music as a group. That fell through after a couple songs though and I was left with a second name and a domain. For a while I thought, for music stuff it'll be Hamster Alliance and for gaming it'll be Hamst3r but I didn't stick with that distinction. It's all sort of blended together now.

Lastly, my avatar is a hamster face I drew around 2003.