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Collapse the boxes.

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I've been watching a bunch of stuff, but two anime stick out in particular:

1. Please Save My Earth - Found out about this one from a friend who asked me to help identify the anime where people were on earth but then when they went to sleep they were on the moon which she had watched many years ago. Identified it. Watched it. Enjoyed it.

It ended very abruptly though. Only six episodes for what should have been a full 26 episode sort of thing. It also felt like the sort of anime Stanley Kubrick could have done a crazy live-action version of.

2. Inferno Cop. It's really dumb. He shoots a baby. There are dinosaurs. It's an hour of nonsense if you watch all of the episodes and extras, which are conveniently arranged in this playlist: Anime Bancho.

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But, those are the best movies. If you're going to watch anything more than once, it should be one of those.

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It doesn't matter.


Youtube videos still look like shit the moment there's anything happening on screen.

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This is all fantastic! MORE!

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Masochist - watched 25 movies with an average rating of 2 or lower.

Bad Taste - Gave high ratings to 25 movies with an average rating of 2 or lower.

A.D.H.D. - Backed out of 25 movies before they were finished.

Duder - Has watched Torque, Tokyo Drift, Cobra & They Live.

Pervert - Watched 250 movies with sex & nudity.

Hentai - Watched an anime.

Account Deactivated - Has watched 25 movies with talking animals.

Alex Navarro - Has watched every movie starring Nicolas Cage.

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I don't know much about guns, but aren't a bunch of them designed to eject the empty casing to the right. I might be completely wrong here, but surely if you hold that gun left handed you will have hot casings flying at you as you fire the gun, which wouldn't be ideal.

Indeed. Some guns have left-handed versions made just for this problem. Other guns avoid handedness all together by ejecting downwards.

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So, I played this arcade game on a birthday party 14~16 years ago (but it wasn't new at the time), it was a vertical Shmup, 2 player co-op as always with somewhat futuristic ships and enemies and "normal" background, the only thing that I REALLY remember is one of the bosses, a huge dark-yellow flying wing with multiple spots for you to shoot, larger than the width of the screen.

Maybe it's one of the Raiden games?

Is it Giga Wing? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH0U75hnXz4

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The Doom marine holds his pistol with his left hand: