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@bocam: Cool, thanks for the suggestion!

I've watched up to episode 19 of Gurren Lagann so far. They just arrested Simon. The first 16 episodes were pretty crazypants. I guess they have to go fight the moon now? and then like, the whole universe? That's what the intro thing in episode 1 was hinting at, wasn't it? Hopefully it can keep up the craziness.

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@sergio: They never showed her getting her life together, she simply listened to a few messages from her mom then disappeared. She never explicitly stated that she was returning home, nor did she tell anyone, which is why everyone was confused and angry about her disappearance - and understandably so. They only found out later when their teacher said her mother had taken her out of school. Ryu even gets chewed-out about it from Kushieda. From the other characters perspectives, she simply vanished, sent a photo message of a star, then reappeared in a locker a year later. That ending was lame. I mean, seriously, we never see them interact as a true couple. She doesn't say she loves him back at the end when he says he loves her, if she can't do that, come on. How can you care for someone and then leave them in the dark as to what you're doing for an entire year? Pffbbbbht, anyway, it just hit me the wrong way. Haha. I let out a literal, "what the fuck was that!?" at the end and started hunting for the secret 26th episode that would put the band-aid on my booboo. :P

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@alexandersheen: Searching for "White Suger" brings up this on Amazon. Wherein the title is written correctly in the image, but incorrectly on the page. Below that, it says: Label: VIVID SOUND (JAPAN). It seems this is a thing.

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@bocam said:

@hamst3r: Why was Toradora ending so weird to you?

Because, in essence it was:

Let's elope! Yes, let's run away! Wait, I've changed my mind, we can't run away! Alright, let's pretend we're married for one night, so that I can later monologue that I can't run away anymore, right before I then run away and not tell anyone! Holy shit, a whole damn year has passed! Oh, was that Taiga in the window? Where the hell has she been? Oh, here you are, hiding in a locker. I love you. I shall reciprocate your declaration with violence. Okay, but, what does this all mean? I dunno, lol, end.

That ending didn't do it for me.

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This is a great cartoon: Bee and Puppycat. It's from the Adventure Time people (or something?).

Bee and Puppycat is indeed fantastic! I'm excited for them to finish the first season, I pre-ordered the BluRay when the Kickstarter was happening. I need more.

In other news, I finished Toradora. It ended less good than it started. It was one of those "what the fuck was that?" endings, which is the same kind of ending that occurred in Ranma 1/2, which I finished recently as well.

I also caught up on my Jojo, which has no clear signs of slowing down. I mean, They were fighting the sun, which was controlled by a fat guy hiding behind a mirror, and now they have to kill a baby that murders people in their dreams? Excellent.

Checked out the first two or three episodes of a few things, all of which seem very promising so far: Monster, No Game No Life, Gurren Lagann. Just going for the stuff I've heard is the best. It's perhaps a good thing I watched Jojo and played Phoenix Wright before watching NGNL, but simply spotting those references makes me wonder what others are going right over my head. Also, Monster already feels like it's going to emotionally kill me by the end of the series.

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@ravingham91: I'm also watching FMA, the Brotherhood version specifically. 16 episodes in so far and it's good stuff so far.

As for comedy anime, it's pretty new territory for me, but my favorites so far have been: Detroit Metal City, Cromartie High School, Princess Jellyfish, Nichijou, and Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions. There are also a few I haven't watched that I've heard are pretty ridiculous: Yakitate!! & The Daily Lives of High School Boys. They're next on my list, after I finish...

Toradora! - I'm 14 episodes in and enjoying it, even though there's a lot of this going on:

Unrequited love out the ass.

Also, Minori did an Auuauu, and I was all, "Hanyuu!" I think that's the first time I've ever recognized an anime voice actor in multiple series.

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Serial Experiments Lain - I watched the first 4 episodes of Lain back in high school and found them really odd and interesting, but ended up never watching any further than that. Figured it was finally time to finish the series, starting from the beginning again. Well, the first 4 episodes were once again interesting and weird, but each subsequent episode was less and less appealing. Lain was certainly throwing around some intriguing concepts, but it felt far too drawn-out, cobbled together and cheaply animated. Too meandering, too disjointed. I'm glad to have finished the series after all this time, but in the end its mysteries weren't worth revealing.

Ghost Hound - This on the other hand had a pretty weak start, you could probably skip the first 6 episode and not miss much. There's even a recap of sorts in episode 8. I quite enjoyed the second half of this series and it's reveals. There were faint echoes of Lain and Higurashi in there. The final episode was perhaps a bit rushed and anti-climactic, but overall I enjoyed this series.

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I'm glad the RE Remake is finally coming out on PC, as I've always wanted to play the it. Really, this should have been released on PC a decade ago.

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Natsume's Book of Friends - Season 1. Really good overall. There were a few episodes that were pretty fillery, which I could have done without, but I guess in a show so laid-back overall "filler" is kind of a weird thing to even bring up. That aside, I'm psyched to start season 2 and learn more about everything going on. It's the sort of show I'm betting is only going to get better.

The Devil is a Part-Timer - This was good, but I really wish they had featured more of the Ente Isla stuff at the start, like a whole episode or two of demons and magic battles before moving everything to earth. That would have been great. I also wish the series had wrapped up more dramatically.

Oh and, on a side note, I've started using Taiga to update MAL and I'm liking it. I greatly prefer messing with the Taiga interface than using the MAL site.

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@video_game_king: Nope, the game hasn't ended yet. In the last episode, they rescued Thinker from the underground dungeon thing with the Grim Reaper in it, and Yui was erased. So yeah, I'm thinking I just haven't reached that point yet. :D