I can see clearly now....the hair is gone!

So i finally decided to go and get a hair cut after having my curly 10 inch mop for ages and i have to say i can't believe i left it so long. It feels weird not having long hair now, i got a good 5 or 6 inches taken off, but atleast i can see clearly when i tilt my head or bend down completely. That and i wont get mistaken for Jesus anymore.

Also pulled my thumb out and got some gaming time in recently with my new purchase, Dawn of War: Platinum Edition from STEAM. The package includes the original DoW, Winter Assault expansion and the Dark Crusade stand alone. I missed DoW when it first came out since i haven't got much love for RTS games, other than Rise of Nations, but i find myself slowly coming back to them recently.

But seeing videos of Starcraft 2 and Dawn of War 2 i find myself really wanting to get back into thise genre that i've ignore for so very long. And thankfully the DoW series has been a blast in helping me do it. Currently going through the Dark Crusade single player campaign as the Tau Empire and kicking arse for the greater good.

I havent ventured into online play yet since im still getting the hang of each different army but i've found a secret love for the Tau. Space Marines and Orks may be cool but the Tau just appeal to me more, mainly because i love stealth capturing control points and such like.

Other than that i've been playing a little bit of a less well known game, Peggle. If you preordered the Orange Box through STEAM you'll remember getting a Valve themed version of the game for free, it got me hooked and i payed the £5 for the "deluxe" version which is even better. Its a good game and a great time waister if you just want to pass some hours of boredom. Been trying the challenge games where you need to score 300,00 for each level to complete it. Pretty difficult if i'm being honest but good fun none the less.

Speaking of STEAM related games i have to say i'm disappointed to not see Bionic Commando Rearmedon there upon its release. I heard rumour and then someone did say it was fact that Capcom were going to release it through STEAM aswell but that doesn't appear to be the case. I honestly slammed this game when i heard it mainly because of the increased price for the PC version compared to the console version. And tha fact it was a sidescroller, i had this horrid feeling it would just be some POS port but apparently buzz for the game is high in the PC community so i was hoping to give it a chance. Guess i'll have to go make a D2D account and download it, assuming its there at all?

But oh well with the Heavy update for TF2 planned for release on Tuesday next week i imagine i'll be back to playing TF2 a lot. Some of the achievement names for this class just make me lol. Then there is the mention of a new Meet The... video being release along with the heavy update aswell and apparently its going to be a special one. So my guess and hope is its the Pyro video so hears to hoping Valve reveal whether the Pyro is a man or a woman and end the argument lol.

Anyway cheers for reading Bomb Squad!

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Driving with the top down!

Well its been awhile since i last blogged, sorry about that i've been busy with work and a friend came up to stay for a few days so we did some catching up. Managed to get the girlfriends car windscreen fixed, insurance company sorted it out and got it replaced within a few days of sending out the form. Catching the bugger who broke it hasn't been so much of a success since the police still aren't any the wiser about who did it lol. Oh well what can you do?

As for the title of this blog its the name of a track on the recent Iron Man films soundtrack. I'm a big fan of film and game soundtracks and have recently been listening to the Iron Man, Dark Knight and Transformers soundtracks. They are all rather awesome to be honest but i still find myself listening to this specific track from Iron Man the most. Theres something about it that just makes me want to listen to it on repeat lol.

Haven't been doing much gaming lately since i've had little time and to be honest a lack of motivation to play some games. Maybe i'm coming down with something? Because usually i'm up for playing games whatever the weather, mood or state that i'm in. I'd like to point out now i don't play games when drunk not since the incident with TeamSpeak and a Guild Wars raid into Slavers Exile....oh how badly that went for our group....i blame the Bon Jovi track distracting me <.<

Work was bloody hectic last night because we had a band in and the place was absolutely packed. I didn't think the pub could fit 150 people at once but we managed somehow, the bouncers had to stop letting people in because there was waaay too many. That many people all wanting drinks and only three of us working the bar was just chaos. At one point we were all serving 2 or 3 people at once and when we ran out of ice it was like WW3 had erupted. The ice machine packed up due to stress and lack of appreciation i think.

The music was alright as the band covered some well known and great bands such as Metallica, the FooFighters, Jimi Hendrix, Bon Jovi, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Black Sabbath and some others. The only downside was the band was set up beside the bar so it was almost impossible to hear people, i ended up handing them pads to write down their order. Something i regret since i got some strange messages and a few phone numbers instead of drinks orders lol.

I've got to go back to work in three hours so i intend to use that time to persuade my nephew to eat the jam sandwiche i slaved in the kitchen to make. Peace out folks...

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The problem with GiantBomb.com is....

....that its too damn popular. The site recieved 20,000+ submissions on day 1 of launch, with around 8000 users signed up. That number hasn't decreased one bit and while the moderators and staff all pitched in and got the turnaround for submissions down to the 24 hour mark. It sure as hell hasn't stopped the submissions queue from rising. But we shall persevere and try to maintain the 24 hour turnaround time.

It's been pretty awesome so far and i have had a fun time reading some of the submissions as some of you write entire essays with the skill of Shakespeare while others are more underhanded and think by copying an entire Wikipedia entry we won't notice. However some people fail to remove the links, especially when they link you back to the original Wikipedia entry :P. Don't copy and paste stuff guys, be original, be creative and write you're own submissions. If you aren't the best writer then don't worry because submitting written articles to the Wiki will help you improve you're writing skills and over time the quality of you're writing will get better and hopefully more of you're articles will be accepted :D!

I have to admit  though one of the best things about the submissions is just chatting to the staff and other moderators in the IRC channel. Its sort of cool to just go "hey Brad, enjoy those sardines?" or have Jeff answer your questions regarding submissions and then proceed to tell you his favourite drink in a bar. You sort of feel apart of the "team" so to say and even more so when you've been allowed into that team from the start of the project. Then of course we have moderator talk about users, yes we talk about you, where we compare notes and stories concerning submissions or forum posts and its just humerous to see what some of the users on this site talk about.

Definately the highlight from IRC channel lately was seeing the comment someone put with their submissions which was something like "Hi, i think Ryan is pretty cool and i'd love to go out for a drink with him one day!". It just made us all chuckle really, but what makes us sad is when you leave no comment in the comment box. It makes a difficult job even harder :(...

Peace out Bomb Squad!

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GiantBomb 1 week on!

Its GiantBomb's 1 week anniversary and i want to say thanks to everyone for sticking it out. We've had trolls, we've had goatse pictures, we've had GS vs GB hatred, we've had bugs, we've had delays in submissions, we've had uproar in the forums over certain subjects not being allowed on the site. But we've endured and overcome these issues during the first week and we'll do the same for the coming weeks ahead.

Good job to everyone who has submitted content, taken part in discussions on the forums, supported the Staff and Moderators and generally support the awesome that is GiantBomb.com!

Thanks bomb squad, keep it up for week 2, 3, 4 etc :D!

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Forums, Moderators and no more Sexy Ladies!

I'd like to take the time with this blog to go over a few things. Firstly a thanks to everyone on the forums for really making them a great place to be because the vast majority of you have really started to get into the swing of things. Gaming related topics in the forums have increased and we're also seeing less trolling, infact the only real trouble makers have already been dealt with and will hopefully never return. Overall the forums have become a cleaner place and its really all down to you the users for making common sense judgements before posting or starting new topics. You will also notice i've stickied Roll Call and WAYLT in the OT board so please, no duplicate topics even if they have "official" in their name it still doesn't make them official.

Aswell as this i'd like to point out and let everyone know we have some new Moderators that you'll see more around the website. The Mods in general would like to thank everyone who has tipped us off about problems around the site by sending us PM's. We appreciate users doing this until we get the report feature implimented which will allow you all to report a user/post/topic without the need to PM us. I'll also apologise now if you have sent a PM and recieved no reply from me or any of the other mods, our inbox's tend to get flooded quickly so we hope you understand lol.

I'm going to end this blog by explaining the recent turn around regarding the "Sexy Ladies" topics that were appearing all over the OT board. Basically we allowed it purely at the mods discretion because we were constantly editing and checking each post and picture in it to keep the topic clean. However duplicate topics were appearing almost every 5 minutes and people were posting in the original topic constantly and overall it began to take a lot of moderation time up just on the one topic. That and the Staff themselves felt such topics didn't really belong here on GiantBomb mainly because google can find you the exact same stuff and even better so we decided to pull the plug on all sexy lady threads.

I apologise if you feel its harsh or in some way breaches your freedom on the website but GiantBomb does allow users some serious freedom across the site in general and definately more than any other gaming site does. However we need to have some rules to keep the trouble makers in line so if you take the time to read the FAQ guide lines sticky in the OT board before posting there we'd appreciate it. At the moment there is no set in stone rules as everything has been at the moderation teams discretion on what we feel is cool or uncool to post in the forums and we hope to keep it like that. But there are just some topics that were decided to not be allowed on GiantBomb and sexy ladies topics is one of them.

Any questions regarding this then PM me otherwise have fun Bomb Squad :)!

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By the power of Greyskull!

So as many of you will have noticed by now i'm a moderator here on the GiantBomb. Its not as bad as many people seem to think it is mainly because the community here is pretty awesome at self regulating and using their common sense, just goes to show a heavy handed approach at moderations isn't the only way to keep law and order on a website.

One thing i'll ask is no more PM's on how to become a moderator, i don't mind them but really there is no clear cut answer on how to attain the position. Its all really down to luck which as we all know is random at best.

So with that out of the way i'm going to go play some TF2, when i get back there better not be any pictures posted that will make me want to stab forks into my eyes to try and forget what i've seen....

Peace out Bomb Squad!

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So Giant Bomb is a success, who'd have thought it?

So yeah 11,811 users signed up to GiantBomb at the moment, thats a little mind blowing for a site only 3 days is it? into beta launch! Also looks good for the future success of GiantBomb aswell. The editing and submission of articles on the wiki has been astounding aswell i think, people already are close to that 1000 point mark already i believe, shocking when i only have 4 points lol. Although i do have a number of things pending in the moderation queue so hopefully they'll get accepted, or sadly rejected, soon so i can get me some points!

The forums are chaos, i think that we can all agree something is needed to make them easier to navigate and keep an eye on. Saw one moderator on the forums today, poor bugger seems to be fighting the spam all on his own lol. Also a few trouble users seem to have been banned which is cool, no need for people to ruin our time here. The topics themselves seem to have become more game related now which is a cool thing, got tired of the same "omg GB.com is awesome!" ones. We all know GB.com is awesome, thats why we're still here.

Also there seems to be a huge amount of hate from Gamespot towards GiantBomb and i guess it goes both ways from GB.com to GS. One user on Gamespot who's username i shall not repeat was posting about her dislike and hate for the GiantBomb users and site in general, yet she also stated in the same post she had never come to GB.com yet or ever intended too. Such ignorance makes me angry, GiantBomb is a place where gamers can seriously get together and become a community better by being apart of the site and its evolution. But i guess some on Gamespot just love their child friendly forums and constant religion threads in OT....

Anyway think i'll end this blog here, probably post a blog on Gamespot now lol, and hopefully my submissions will go through because i look like a right sad git with only 4 points :O!

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The bomb has gone off!

So here it is folks, GiantBomb in the flesh so to speak. Looks awesome, already seeing some familiar faces from Gamespot. The site looks awesome and i've already spent a good 30 minutes just in my profile section configuring everything, updating my bio etc. Look forward to browsing through the rest of the website. Already the community feel here is awesome, awesome infact seems to be the best word to describe GiantBomb. So i think i'll just leave this blog short and sweet, until next time folks :)!

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