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Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, transgender and ewoks alike!
Been awhile since I popped a blog out into the blogosphere (I used that term, shoot me later) and figured I'd do one now. As I sit here in anticipation for the plethora of comments I envision getting. We'll get straight to it then, no waiting about or delaying here people, I deliver the goods and I deliver them on time!
PS3 updates!

  • Bought Uncharted 2 on release day, finished Uncharted 2 some days later, went to bed each night for a week afterwards dreaming of Uncharted 2. The game is a brilliant interactive, cinematic piece of entertainment that held my attention for the entire time I played it. Its crowning achievement for me is that it does a lot of what other games have done in the past, but it does them to such a higher level of quality and standard. Overall it just felt a lot more refined in many areas compared to similar games in the past and present. Worth putting the money down for I'd say.
  • Still playing through inFAMOUS and fairly certain I'm coming close to the end of it. Just about 67% clear in the Historic District and I have to say it's another game I'm really happy with so far. From what I've played I've enjoyed immensely and as far as Super Hero style of games go it is one of the few that actually do things right. I do however imagine the quest to find every blast shard in Empire City will pose a problematic journey for me with hours of grinding cables and jumping across roof tops. But it'll be worth it.
  • Got a few other games I'm playing through right now as well. Resistance 2, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, COD: World at War. All somewhat enjoyable in their own right if I do say so myself!
  • I've begun down a dark path I'm not sure I'll ever be able to come back from. I've become a bit of a trophy hunting whore these days. As I said above the quest for the blast shards in inFAMOUS will kill me, but I want that trophy. Same with a number of trophies in Uncharted 2. I'll likely be doing the same with future PS3 purchases as well. Does it ever end? :(
  • A little disappointed to see we'll never (for the foreseeable future anyway) be able to link our PSN ID and trophy lists to Giant Bomb. Sort of enjoy being able to show that stuff off, even if I'm not particularly amazing at gathering trophies, achievements and so forth. We can only hope

PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2! 
I promised myself I would try to stay as far away from including this controversial topic in any blog I write. But honestly the 'scandal' and so forth about it has got to such a point of hilarity I must now mention it. First things first though is an admittance of guilt for originally overreacting to the announcements made about the PC version of the game. I shake my head in shame at such behaviour coming from myself.  

In all fairness though the PC gaming community should have seen this coming from a mile away. They should have been prepared to hear their version of the game would be heavily changed to the point it feels like Infinity Ward and Activision have catered less to the PC player and more to the console player. And I personally don't see why people are so up in arms over this when in reality, PC gamers are in no real place to question the moral and ethical decisions of a company. Obviously I'm generalising here, not every PC gamer has a dirty moral fiber because we all know PC gamers have no moral fiber. It's why they all pirate games, right? :P  
The day when one developer and publisher team up and decide to have a more heavy handed approach to the PC community was bound to happen. People seem pissed Infinity Ward would be behind such horrible evil intentions toward PC gamers. But for crying out loud people have you all forgotten Robert Bowling's comments about COD4 on the PC?
It seems like Infinity Ward and Activision are slowly going out of their way to systematically kill off MW2's chances of success on the PC. I get the impression they would rather not release the game on the platform at all but are doing it anyway either out of sheer confidence that sales on the console will mean any piracy of the PC version equates to no major loss in profit. Or because simply they hope by taking such a heavy handed approach it may cause a shift for the better in the way the PC gaming community conducts itself. I'd like to think the latter is something that could happen, perhaps if other developers and publishers take similar decisions as IW + Activision we'll see more game releases on the PC at similar times to their console versions. I take no joy in getting a shoddy PC port almost a year after the console version.
If paying for DLC and a higher RRP coupled with things like match making and more account security is what it takes for the industry to consider showing the PC more love. Then I'm all for it. Because to be quite frank the way things are going now, I might as well change my alignment to Sony and just use my PC as a glorified storage device for porn and internet access. Although in hindsight that is really all it has ever been :P 
Giant Bomb Stuff!
  •  If you haven't seen it already then check out the topic explaining changes to the moderator team on the site. Changes I'd say we're all in agreement are for the better :)
  • We are in discussion about new mods as I type this. Well not exactly as I type this but we're discussed it, there may be more on that sometime soon. These things are always slow to finalise as there is always so much to discuss. To increase your chances of becoming a moderator on Giant Bomb, go visit your local Site Rules & FAQs topic today! Check out the guides in that topic, learn from them, put them into practice and become a good, productive and helpful user around the site.
  • The Community Spotlight has some great content in there created by users for all of us to enjoy. I suggest you all pop over to it and look through the great stuff on offer and while you're there give ZombiePie a big thanks for keeping that topic in great shape.
Cheers for reading folks, as usual comment and critique below. Just remember one thing, if this turns into a nasty discussion just about MW2 on the PC I will weep at having to close down my own blog :(
So please don't make me cry!
Hamz, XOXO