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@AhmadMetallic: There's a fair bit of tension in the topic and my post is there to give everyone a clear idea of what is expected of them for this topic to continue to stay open.

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I think some folks need to chill out, I understand this is a touchy subject for people who may have friends or family within the conflict zone or who may come from the countries involved.

But the site rules still apply and nobody wants this discussion to escalate into a flame war. There's a lot of talk about a ceasefire to the conflict so I suggest people consider the same for this discussion, agree to disagree at the very least.

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Pandemic would get my vote, as shitty as some of their games were due to bugs and what not they totally made some amazing games.

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Please all view the Brazen page and take part in the Wiki Task I've assigned.

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Just because it's now legal in two States doesn't make it acceptable to be posted and discussed on the forum.

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@applet0n said:

@Azteck: Yeah, checked my junk mail and didn't seem to have anything there :/

@Hamz: What's the usual protocol for contacting the staff? Should I just PM Dave or something?

Yeah I'd suggest getting in contact with Dave since he'll likely be the guy that can 'force' the email to go through again :)

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My suggestion would be to give it 24hrs and if you receive nothing then contact the staff directly.

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@Video_Game_King said:


What if they're single?

Then no harm no foul in my eyes.

But to a certain extent if they're spending more time chasing tail than on running a country or serving in political office then I'd question if they're in the right sort of job.

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If they can't be honest and faithful to their spouses then how can we trust them to be honest and faithful to the electorate and people of the country they serve?

That said politicians are no different to regular people, they're open to the same temptations as the rest of us so in that respect I voted No in the poll. But if you're political leader is someone on par with the likes of Silvio Berlusconi of Italy you have to raise an eyebrow and ask yourself if he's using his position to help the people he serves or just to keep his bed warm.

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The Bombcast just needs a 10 minute segment of Vinny and Brad taking turns to read bedtime stories and I'd be a happy man.