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@PS3RG:  Already played Castle Crashers and Re5 but I've been thinking about getting Pjs for a while it has just always eluded me I guess. Lbp might be cool just to see what kinda stuff people been making.
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@Bobby_The_Great: Thanks for the tips. Im really excited about brotherhood.


I've only played Tony Hawk proskater 2 but skate looks like cool games =)


Yeah true. I haven't been playing games socially at all though and I don't post much on the internet. Few of my friends are gamers and the ones that are play WoW =/


  I liked the first one but never played the second one. The single player portion for brotherhood seems lacking but if the multiplayer gets big Im mos def gonna get it because that stuff looks intense. It's not out here yet though for a couple of days.  
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@Ahmad_Metallic:  Dude! I probably should check this site more often and THAT looked sick!
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@Nadafinga:  Yeah I knew that much actually hehe. The only problem is finding somebody to play with I guess.
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How's Dead Rising 2s multiplayer btw? Is it just like mini-games and stuff like that?
Im also curious about Assassins Creed: Brotherhoods mp.

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Seems to be pretty packed with content! Can you play all the expansion stuff online too?
Stupid question I guess since it's an mp focused game =P
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@melcene:  Right on! But I live in Sweden so there's probably tons of time-zone issues and stuff =/
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@Nadafinga:  There's like some goty bundle out with the expansion packs and stuff right? MIght be what Im looking for right there!
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@MysteriousBob:  Hehe I really liked the aesthetics of Mirrors Edge and the time trials dlc are really cool. I've played some Virtua Fighter 5 and Tekken 6 but Im not a huge fan of Tekken. Other than that just some 2d Neo Geo ports on xbla and MvsC2.
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@dankempster: Im probably gonna pick up Gta since I haven't played it(yeah I know long overdue) but I don't think I would get into Rdr.
@X19:  Yeah man I love that game been getting in to the time trials stuff mostly too! Good stuff.
@Nadafinga/PS3RG: It doesn't matter as long as it's fun =) 
@melcene:  Yeah but is anyone still playing borderland online?