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I'm annoyed with the game myself. I must of been a video gaming savant as a kid because I remember playing RE 1 on the hardest difficulty (the ones you can start from anyway) and beating it without much problem. Would of been 10 years old when the first game came out. And I always hoard ammo and only use my pistol in these games and end up at the last boss with just about all the ammo you could ever need.

So I started this game with Chris on the hard difficulty and already have no ammo and zombies everywhere and am thinking about how much fun I'm not having and being stressed out. I guess times have changed for me because I'm going to start over as Jill on easy! Then I'll probably fall back in love with it.

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No thank you sir. Tell me more info first.

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@theht said:

Reptilian humanoids secretly invading our planet by masquerading as old incompetent politicians. I don't believe it, but it's a fun one.

Going down the rabit hole on this on Youtube is fun. People trying to analyze low quality videos and saying the pixelation proves they are lizards is hilarious.

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Guessing it's a Nintendo Game Boy issue. He should upgrade to Game Boy Advance.

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@cwal37 said:

@handlas: What you need to do is get your vanguard rank up and buy gear through that in order to get to a higher level. Along the way you might find a couple legendary pieces which will expedite the process. With one exotic armor piece and the new vendor armor you can actually get all the way to level 31. Unfortunately at 21 you wouldn't survive anything in either raid. Even in the vault of glass on normal, 25 would be pushing it these days because the vendor gear has so much light on it. What I did initially a few months back was do my bounties each day while grinding the appropriate level strike playlist to get to 26-28, then go into the vault of glass to hit 29 and 30. It's actually easier now than it used to be to hit a higher level because the vendor gear has been upgraded. I can help you with bounties or something sometime, but not the raid(s) quite yet.

To everyone else, I also like to sherpa people through the vault of glass, and crota, but that's less sherpa and more team, until I hit 32.

PSN is cwal37, 31 titan and warlock, always happy to help whomever.

Thanks! I shall do these things you tell me.

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I like tank controls as unrealistic as they may be. There, I said it. That's my deep dark confession. D/Ling the game now... I'll check out the alt controls but can't see myself using it. I feel like going in the direction you press (instead of the direction your character is facing) with a fixed camera would be more jarring.

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I tried to get back into Destiny after I've been enjoying Warframe. I'm a level 21 Hunter and after the "endgame" I don't know what to do since I've been out of the loop (I probably wouldn't know what to do even without the break I took). I've been just doing Strike missions seeing how I have no one to play Raids with and hoping to get some better gear/weapons.

So long story short... I would like to join sometime if a level 21 isn't too low.

PSN: catsgomeyow

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@basm321 said:

I skipped through most of the last UPF. 2hours of watching Tetris, yeah that is LAME! What happened to the days of weird adventure games, that dog life sim thing with pooping, and odd FMV games. I feel like the games that have been appearing on UPF are rather uninteresting. I may be mistaken, but I feel as though there used to be a lot more strange and random games shown on UPF.

Vinny left. :(

Drew's weird games and Dan's enthusiasm are the only things worth seeing in UPF these days. Jeff and Brad seem to just go thorugh the motions. Wonder if they will get rid of UPF at some point. Seems like an obligation since they need subscriber content. But the show is only as good as the games they have available to play.

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They definitely need to put a little more thought into what game they're showing i.e. "literally picked this 5 minutes before we went on air" always kinda sucks.

No way! That tends to be fun I think. The "hey we quicklooked this game this week and liked it so lets play this for an hour" are the shows I tend to skip through. I didn't watch this weeks show. Watching them play tetris for 2 hours isn't really entertaining.

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Trippy movie about time travel and not being able to alter the future (maybe?) as the title suggests. Directors/writers of Daybreakers. Seems odd to go from an okay but mediocre vampire movie to this movie. I would say it is similar to a Nolan movie like Memento.