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Is the level cap 20? I assumed so based on armor in game that seems to not be above level 20 requirements. Yet I see people above level 20 running around (unless the number by their name is not their level).

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dumbfounded that was the end.

I just beat it felt this way as well. I knew it was the last boss due to seeing it in a Gamespot video. I was surprised I was already there. There was little to no story to that point and the boss itself was easy and pretty much no different than fighting the normal guys you've seen roaming around other parts. And then you beat it and that's it. Nothing to say afterwards. I have some other missions still to do so maybe they will shed a little light on what's going on but, ya, it left me pretty empty.

Basically, I'm feeling the reviews are definitely justified if not generous. I'll probably just keep playing MP though but not sure how long I'll stick with the game.

edit: Just read above about an ending cutscene. Didn't get a cutscene after I beat the boss. Strange.

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Enjoying the game but I don't see how you can argue with the reviews. From what I've played and what Jeff is saying... I can already see the repetitiveness, the lack of individuality in armor and loot and, on top of that, a lackluster story. Well, I'm glad I really enjoy the gunplay and the MP is all I can say because, otherwise, I'd regret my purchase.

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No one will agree with me I'm sure but if you are looking for something relatively new...


The pilot parkour stuff is a lot of fun. And I think they just made a new game type where it is only pilots vs pilots (no dumb AI or Titans). The game would be better off without the AI guys running around distracting you.

Also the map packs they released, imo, contain maps that are all better than the ones that came with the game.

edit: And, oh yeah, Metro Redux just came out. I only played Last Light and enjoyed it quite a bit. Been thinking about picking up 2033... it's nice they are selling them separately as well.

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@basm321 said:

@handlas: I have had no lost progress whatsoever

Wish I were you then because I've lost far too much progress. To the point where it puts me off from turning the game on because I know I'll have to retread the areas I just completed. I played the game on PC when it first came out and never had the issue on there.

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Look at the internet while pooping. Unless the phone is good enough for you.

I use it to play some games casually when laying in bed at times. Good for reading comics/books as well if you are into that.

Is it worth it if you have a laptop? Probably not. I have a desktop, laptop and tablet. I use my desktop for work. I have not much use for a laptop and tablet both. So the Surface seems like an interesting option for me. But that's just my tech obsession talking and would be a bad purchase I'm sure.

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I won't start a new thread since I'm complaining about something....

Are you guys having issues with the saving in this game? I've been set back entire quests... hours of gameplay because it does not save my progress (online and single player). Tonight I played 2 hours and beat a boss while playing online with another guy. He left so it migrated me to my own game after we beat the boss and it literally put me back at the beginning of that dungeon. It's as if I did nothing for that 2 hours (besides the leveling up). Really really annoying.

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Getting the gist of what the article is about through these comments reminds me of why I don't go to Polygon. So I'll continue doing that. Seeing the thread title made me curious.

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I'm in.

PSN: catsfomeyow

Just started last night... Level 12 or so. Bit disappointed when I died and could revive myself right where I died with what seemed to be no penalty. That will make the game pretty easy compared to when I played a long time ago when it came out on PC.

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maybe Silent Hill will be good for once

Oh come on!!!! That should say "I hope Silent Hill will be good for the first time in a while"

Go ahead, say Silent Hill 2 isn't a good game and I will just set my computer on fire and crawl into a hole.

Silent Hill 2 isn't terrible. In fact, I would say it's a very good game.

Silent Hill 4: The Room is a highly underrated game. I dare say, the best in the series. Only unfortunate thing being the American voice actor for the main character is horrible.