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Getting the gist of what the article is about through these comments reminds me of why I don't go to Polygon. So I'll continue doing that. Seeing the thread title made me curious.

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I'm in.

PSN: catsfomeyow

Just started last night... Level 12 or so. Bit disappointed when I died and could revive myself right where I died with what seemed to be no penalty. That will make the game pretty easy compared to when I played a long time ago when it came out on PC.

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maybe Silent Hill will be good for once

Oh come on!!!! That should say "I hope Silent Hill will be good for the first time in a while"

Go ahead, say Silent Hill 2 isn't a good game and I will just set my computer on fire and crawl into a hole.

Silent Hill 2 isn't terrible. In fact, I would say it's a very good game.

Silent Hill 4: The Room is a highly underrated game. I dare say, the best in the series. Only unfortunate thing being the American voice actor for the main character is horrible.

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The whole card is great. I was already completely sold. This sold it more.

And DC is the first challenger that I think has a real legit chance to beat Jones. I think DC crossed the line a bit with the shove. He did the same thing to Patrick Cummins during their stare down (with a lot less reasoning to do it) so it seems like a habitual thing on his part.

That being said, I'm rooting for DC. Jones still seems super fake to me. UFC put up interviews of both of them after the altercation (because they are so upset about it of course they just had to hype it up more). Jones response about it was so fake while DC seems genuine.

All in all, this doesn't hurt the fight at all so I dunno why people are complaining about "waaah it makes the sport look bad." How often do people post about MMA on this forum? Almost never. Well this got a person to make a thread about it.

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I tried Enslaved quickly. I admit my internet is garbage. And the game ran poorly. It was slightly choppy as if the framerate was 20 or so and there was a good 1/2 or so input delay. Sucks but not surprising for my case.

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...if you play with people that are good of course. I think any game that has like 5v5 (or something in that vain) with a round based life system is always more tactical. And they are always my favorite types of games. Counter-Strike, Last of Us, Gears of War... loved all of those. Never touch the modes where you can respawn in a round.

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I have absolutely no idea how anybody can like this service. Why pay an obscene amount of money just to rent the game when you may as well just buy it cheaper? Not to mention the fact that you'll have guaranteed access to the game and wont have to worry about your internet connection being fast enough.

This service was designed with morons in mind. Sony wants to rob you, and I cant believe some people seem totally okay with that. Just look at N4G. That place is Sony fanboy central, and even a lot of them don't seem to like PSNow very much.

I don't really think anyone is giving it a pass. Everyone is complaining that the pricing is ridiculous. Even on the PSBlog where you will more than likely see everyone praise everything Sony does they are complaining about it.

Hopefully no one will use it and they will adjust the pricing to fix that. Hopefully it doesn't just die becuase I'd be interested.

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I can totally see Sony leaving the pricing as-is, but then adding in one or two free streaming Now games per month into PS+, along with perhaps some rotating discounts.

I'd be down for that. But then I'd never use Now if they did that either. I really wish they just bundled it in with PS+. Extra 5 bucks or something and you get unlimited (or limited) streaming of games. Like a game a month maybe I dunno. I'd consider doing that.

And I was mistaken about Zeno Clash 2. It's only 5 bucks for 90 days which sounds great to me. Still, I can't get over F1 2013...50 bucks!!! for 90 days. That's crazy.

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Looks like a fun movie. If you (anyone) had to describe it to another superhero movie... would the closest be Hellboy 2? That's the vibes I got from the trailer and I can only hope it's as good as that movie.

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Thinking about trying Zeno Clash 2. Think it was 15 bucks for 90 days.

But, overall, I agree with most everyone. The pricing is ridiculous. Darksiders 2 for 30 bucks for 90 days? F1 2013 for 50 bucks for 90 days? What in the fuck?

Also, I really want the ability to purchase endless streaming of a game. Say I rent it for 4 hours and like it and want to have all the time in the world to play it... that would be nice. Not expecting that to be an option tho so maybe a subscription service would be nice although I don't think I'd pay for that.