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Funny because I'm a little past the point you are talking about and feel the same way.

I recently did that quest where you put on a play. I was really enjoying the game with the Bloody Baron and then these last few hours with finding Dandelion... I haven't played the game in weeks because that stuff isn't fun nor do I even understand why I'm doing a lot of these quests. Maybe ill try to pick it back up but Batman has taken my attention.

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Don't think I've seen it mentioned but the preorder backwards compatibility is already starting! If you preorder Fallout 4 you get a code for Fallout 3 (presumably in 7-10 days).

Still worth it? I've never played Fallout 3. Thinking about doing that... so basically their ploy has worked on me.

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Yeah, that's quite good. Love your illustration style. I like that font a lot too.

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Xbox has the same issue... at least minimally. During a cutscene the audio was like 5 seconds behind. But it went back to being fine when the cutscene was over.

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Nope nope nope and I always hate this. I'm glad Arkham Knight lets you use alternate costumes any time you want.

One of my biggest regrets was unlocking all clothing in Red Dead Redemption. I loved that game but what an enormous waste of time it was. You literally had to complete every single thing in the game in order to get a suit that was an FBI agent I think. Which basically made you invincible but once you got it there was nothing left to do in the game (no story, side missions... nothing) and, at that point, you are pretty tired of the game. At least leave something else to do so you can use what you worked to unlock.

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Preservation - 4/5

It's on Netflix. More people need to watch it. The story is nothing amazing per se yet it's a really well made movie. If you like "Your Next" it's kind of like that movie but much better imo. I loved the ending so much.

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I can dive bomb from the sky directly into my tank and rampage through the streets. All negative arguments against the batmobile are invalid because of this. I don't think there is a game that has made me feel more like a badass than Arkham Knight.

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VanOrd being a hater! Watched his video review... it looks like a lot more of the same. I'm having a bit of difficulty mustering up excitement after playing all 3 of the prior games. I'll probably change my tune when it releases but right now it leaves me a bit cold and his complaints about the vehicle stuff put me off a bit more. Sure looks pretty tho.

I've already changed my tune. I'm hyped!

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Played the trial. I was having fun up until the trial where you have to fight waves of enemies. The combat just doesn't seem fun to me. Maybe I'm missing something. I think there was 8 waves and I got to wave 7 and just turned it off due to boredom. I really don't like how the weapons constantly need to be recharged... you get like 5 seconds of shooting and then they need to charge back up. It just got annoying.

Game seems to play great on Xbox... if you actually like the game. Looks pretty too.

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Ha...picked Drew thinking it wouldn't be him on top.