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Mustard goes on sandwiches for me and it's almost always the spicy variety.

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Didn't see it mentioned (maybe it was) but Guacamelee Championship Edition is free for Gold on Xbox One. Great game that people should check out.

Played it on PS3 before but thought I'd play the upgraded version. I'm at the end of it already and, man, I don't remember it being this hard at the end. I'm wondering if they cranked up the difficulty a lot since you have the "Intenso" thing that makes you more powerful when you use it.

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Pay $75 for someone to burn it for you. It's the only course of action at this point.

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And that man is me.

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@lego_my_eggo said:

@handlas: what platform and region? I assume PS4 since you where in the Alpha, they give you 3 codes so i have two spare for PS4 in America.

Ahh I guess I'm alright. I did play on PS4 but I was gonna try the beta on Xbone just to see it on there. I'll just do the same thing chaser did... who cares I suppose? Putting beta access only be preordering is dumb so I'll use the loophole. I already know I'm buying the game; thought the alpha was great.

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I just pre-ordered on Amazon, redeemed beta code, and then cancelled my pre-order all within the span of about five minutes.

It feels kinda gross/dumb, but I really want to play this beta and would rather buy digitally than get a boxed copy.

Got an extra code or do I have to be a scumbag like you? I'll be buying digitally as well.


I played the Alpha and enjoyed it a lot.

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Funny because I don't even know what mission you are referring to. The only mission that was annoying and hard was the very very last one simply because cops would chase you the entire time. You could lose them and they would get back on you within seconds.

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Don't think I've ever had a save corrupt. Guess I'm lucky. But very unlucky when it comes to game breaking bugs.

GOTY winner XCOM... couldn't even play it initially. I'd get to a character menu where there was suppose to be button prompts and there wouldn't be any and, thus, I couldn't play the game.

Also, ZombiU. Got near the end of the game to have a mission break and there was nothing I could do to fix it. Never finished it.

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Where's Spookin'. Cmon Patrick more Spookin'. Spook me. Also more Professional Fridays please. I know it's probably tough wrangling that wild Lang but those shows are always fun especially with that Max dood.

Yes, there has been a lack of premium stuff lately other than UPF. Hopefully with Dan on board maybe they will do a stream of a game again like Breaking Brad (maybe a Dan version). He was always great in Super Replays.

It probably would be a good idea to unsub and then re-sub when they have a backlog of premium content. When I first subscribed it was way after they started the subscriptions so going through all the old Friday shows was a treat. But it's not a lot of money and I don't mind supporting a website I visit daily.