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Running Man... does that count? I'll count it.

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@turboman said:


That moon level in the Crucible is terrible. Vehicle combat in this game is the opposite of fun.

That was the better map (of the 2) in the alpha, imo. I quite like the vehicle stuff. Another thing that feels basically like Halo.

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See some asking for PS3 code (US). Got an email with a code from Sony... no preordering necessary huh?

PS3 code:


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Frank & Oak

Good quality clothes. Need more places with nice button-down shirts... like wearing with jeans.

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Because they look cooler.

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Has anyone who registered for the beta received their codes yet? The beta site said you'd be selecting your console of choice at a later date, but the Playstation beta starts tomorrow doesn't it? What if I wanted to play it there?

? It already allowed me to select the console. Try again. The first time I entered my code it did nothing. I refreshed it and got to select the console. Then it said it would send me a code for the beta on the date it starts.

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You are a master at Saboteur bug fixing. You know, when WiiU came out I couldn't beat ZombiU because of a bug. Can you call ZombiUMaster to revive my old thread (I probably made one) to solve that issue?


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He waited 4 years to finish the Saboteur. But finally he did it.

I never beat this game but oddly enjoyed what I played regardless of its obvious middling quality in areas. Still find it interesting; too bad the dev is no more.

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This is spam. Lock this thread Rorie.

Ok, he's great. Although I don't pay attention to all the negative happenings lately. I like to live ignorantly of intolerance.

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Well I just got myself a code the sleazy way...

However, you enter your code on Bungie's website and it says the real codes to get in the beta won't be sent out until 17th for PS4 and 22nd for Xbox One. So I'm not sure how anyone has any extra codes right now regardless so there shouldn't be a point in asking until at least the 17th.

That being said, I got my code for Xbox One (or I will on the 22nd) and it said it will give me 2 extra codes. So, if anyone wants my 2 extra codes just ask. PM me if you want them. I'll give them to the first two people and edit this post when (if) they are taken. This is assuming I do get 3 codes on the 22nd like it says I should.

edit: People got my extra codes.