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Invent a time machine. I'll pay u to watch as well.

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as badly as i want this game I didnt buy it because i just knew the matchmaking would be terrible. i missed the last mk game but heard nothing but complaints about the matchmaking.

Matchmaking before was bad. It is bad again. No surprises here. I've played two ranked matches. I have a record of 0-0. It matched me twice with guys with records like 50-2. I got wooped. It was fun. The "Rooms" are better but often times most people are already playing or decline my fight requests for whatever reason.

Also, I'll jsut complain here, the gameplay feels more stilted than the last one to me. Maybe I just remember MK9 better than it was. But I have a real hard time in this one chaining moves together. Coupled with the different character verisons makes it worse because, for instance, the one combo Sub-Zero has that seems to allow you to chain combos together is removed when he doesn't have the weapon stance.

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Welp... Rockhold just put the worst beating on Machida that he's ever had to take. Thought Rockhold would win but not like that. He's damn good. Too bad he seems like a douchey meathead outside the cage because he's fun to watch inside it. Think it will be Rockhold vs Jacare for the MW title in not too long.

Also looked like he was thinking about doing Jacare's gator crawl at the end but thought better of it... haha.

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I agree Bloodborne looks way better graphically and art-direction wise but the bad framerate pretty much negates that for me. I've jumped back between both games and Bloodborne feels almost unplayable when I do that. Given, I put like 50 hours into Bloodborne and you eventually adjust to the low frame rate but going between that and a 60 fps game makes me wish Bloodborne ran better.

That being said, I think Bloodborne is my least favorite of the series of Souls games. There just seemed to be a lack of NPCs, customization for your play style and not very much exploring. I said it halfway through the game and it held up to the end... it seemed like every new area was just a straight path with a locked door to open up a shortcut to the boss. Dark Souls 2 did a much better job at all these things. Of course, Dark Souls 1 did it best out of all of them imo. I really wish that had been re-released in a pack with DS2.

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I'm playing a sorcerer so I haven't had much issue with durability. But I did encounter some odd enemy movement just in one area. Their animations were normal but when they would run it looked like they were going double the speed. So their actual movement was faster than the animation appeared... they looked like they were sliding. I assume it has to do with this bug? Regardless, 60 FPS > anything lower. I popped back into Bloodborne for a second and the game looks downright atrocious by comparison.

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I gave it a go. I couldn't get through the first episode. The lead is good but everything else was hard to watch. Never watched any of the other superhero shows that are on so maybe this is much better by comparison.

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Quit and start a new job at the bottom.

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I picked this up. Sigh, nothing beats 60 FPS (most of the time at least... I see it dropping sometimes). Makes me cringe to play anymore Bloodborne. I'd rather a game look worse and have a solid 50-60. DS2 still looks nice and man it looks buttery smooth at times. I just can't understand people that defend bad frame rates. Okay, mini-rant over.

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Dan should host and talk more about wrestling.

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For some reason I thought I read that you could transfer your character to the new version of the game. And Patrick even mentioned something when he streamed the PC version that he couldn't transfer a character because he played the original on PS3. Did I mishear and misread and this is not the case? I was thinking about picking it up if I could transfer my PS3 character to the PS4 version. Otherwise I probably will just keep playing Bloodborne. Tried looking it up and only found one thread where some random guy said you couldn't but I haven't seen official word.