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lol what.

Seeing a completely butt naked Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin was a pleasant surprise... but that's about it.

And I'm guessing a lot of people are going to run out and see that movie now :). Too bad the movie wasn't as good as I hoped.

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I disagree with Infamous 2 being better. Have you gone back and played it after Second Son? I tried.

Second Son is the best Infamous game. Better characters, better powers, better story (the good side at least), better world. Now they just need to drop the shoe-horned in karma system for the next game. I'm looking forward to Last Light (err First Light I mean); hopefully that won't have any karma stuff in it.

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@truthtellah said:

I'm usually okay with CNN, but the video segment they did about this story is -terrible-.


They seem to not know anything about the game or the law. It's so clearly parody it's nuts. That they would call the actual actress that played the character in the game an "internet troll" for mocking Lindsay Lohan's lawsuit is the most ludicrous possible response I can imagine.

I saw this as well and was pretty shocked when they started going to bat for Lohan. Really? Morons...

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Resident Evil series

Dino Crisis

I tried playing Dino Crisis on Vita... game is hard.

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I just beat it and think this is probably my favorite GTA type game now. I don't know what is hard to follow about the story. I think that is one of its strengths. It wasn't overly complicated and all over the place like GTA 5 was I thought. I lost the motives of all the characters in GTA 5 and the ending was completely flat. All the characters in this game are just pieces of shit it seems. I liked that. Aiden seems like a scumbag.

I wish people hadn't been so lukewarm on this game. I really enjoyed every bit of it. A lot of the missions being able to be completed with simply hacking and not running in and shooting everyone was great.

Plus, without a doubt, this is the best shooting, stealth and driving in an open world game to date. No question. You could drop any parts of that stuff into another game of another genre and it would be good. GTA always had that problem... 5 especially has terrrrible stealth and the shooting has always been bad.

oh and bonus...ONE...ONLY ONE tailing mission. Shocking. However, I wasn't thrilled about the missions where you had to lead another character to a location using cameras.

I very much look forward to a sequel. I liked Jordi a lot so I hope he is a bigger role in the next game.

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I find it weird that people find it weird that I do both. Do you really want to go to bed feeling gross and dirty from the day? I don't. And when I wake up I'm very disheveled and feel like I've slobbered all over myself... must clean that up.

I also poop every morning. Fun fact.

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I will make the decision for you since you are asking me. You will do this, no questions asked. You will buy a Wii U. And you will like it. Now go.

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I'm right there with the Connor lovers. I enjoyed the character.

I keep playing bits of Black Flag and can't get into it. Kenway is just a bland character. Oh he's so carefree and charming... not really. He bores me. Also, I think having to sail between islands which entails swimming to your boat, getting to the wheel, setting sail and then making the trip is really a chore. I feel like I'm just now noticing how much I dislike that after initially thinking the sailing bits were awesome... it takes too long and you spend most of your gameplay time doing it. I think I've given up playing through the rest of the game. I know there is fast travel but only if you unlock them and that still takes time... longer than if you are just on foot like in past games.

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Well I was right about my last screenshot...

Anyhoo... this thread sure didn't get any love so I'll give it a bit more. I ended up getting Watchdogs and, regardless of all the hate and disinterest from myself, I'm quite enjoying it. I also think it looks quite nice more-so than people give it credit for. And finally an open world game on a console that runs silky smooth!