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@batalskar: I assumed Jeff was referencing either "better with nacho cheese" or Ryan's frustrated gaffe on the second lantern run.

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Parts unknown, better known as Olivesburg, Ohio. If that can't be found Ashland will suffice.

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I woke up this morning and turned on some of the old This Year Bombcast recaps. It's amazing how much I can still miss someone I never technically knew. It was hard to explain to the wife why I was so sad a year ago, I'm guessing it'll be equally as hard today.

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@altairre: A much better addition than Hayden Christiansen was.

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Does anyone know where to find those end of the year podcast highlights that went around the last couple years?

I think they'd be helpful as I cry myself to sleep tonight.

Edit: I found them Here, if anyone else is interested.

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@debigulator: Thanks.

I was thinking too literally and trying to be science-y.

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Candy Box question

Has anyone gotten the frogs final question?

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At this point there are too many unanswered questions for me to say for certain, but I would be hesitant. I would seriously consider switching unless they gave a very convincing argument for blocking used games.

I don't buy a lot of used games, but I will pick one up on occasion. There are often games I miss out on in their release window and don't get around to until 3-6 months (or longer) after release. By that time the used game prices are often$10-$15 cheaper than a new copy, and while that isn't a lot of money, it does sound better when telling my wife how much I spent.

I am also concerned about what they actually define as a used game. The rental industry is pretty much dead at this point, but Gamefly, among other outlets, still exist. What would this mean for them? And what about that old-fashioned practice of borrowing a game from a friend?

As a bit of a collector this sort of mechanic has me worried about the systems future viability as a collectible. As more and more publishers/developers adopt the digital model, game collecting will become more scarce. Unless Microsoft is willing to go full digital this generation there are going to be physical copies of games. I'm not concerned with these games holding value. I collect out of purely archival/nostalgic reasons, so my main concern is will I be able to go to a flea market in 20 years and purchase a functional copy of a Durango game.

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