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Sell it and invest in a good console.

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The entire game felt like an homage to the original Gears of War though the use of a chainsaw was such a rip-off of Doom.

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The suit pretty much killed most of the fear off for me. Like Yahtzee said, how can I care about a guy if he doesn't have a face and doesn't speak? The only time I remember feeling ay kind of fear was when I was running out of breath and it did that horrible choking sound.

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Should have asked if that's Kush's actual chin. It's a nice chin.

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63. Even though human civilization has been destroyed, crops ruined and most animals have mutated into terrible forms, the crickets still chirp exactly how they used to.

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I was hoping this would lead to an Andrew Dice Clay joke.

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May he rest in peace.
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jakob187 said:
"Arkthemaniac said:
"The fact that you have a MySpace is ugly to me.
Other than that, I couldn't care less about your looks. You seem to be a little vain, though, and you need to get that sorted out.
Hey, I've got a MySpace!!!"
Hey, man. Hey, suit. You're not counterculture enough for Arkthemaniac. I bet you like playing video games with thumbsticks and buttons too, don't you, suit?
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56. After the fallout, Malcom McDowell develops a terrible american accent.

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'We're sorry, but the clip you selected is not available in your location. Please select another clip.'