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There's so much wasted effort in the OP, it was like something Video_Game_King had written.

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@tunaburn: You can't compare the used market for necessities to the used market for video games. I don't especially agree with either but buying a used car because you need it to get to work makes more sense to me than buying a used game because you just don't want to pay full price for it; at least wait for a sale. I wouldn't say I'm anti-consumer but it's hard to defend people who buy used games as they're essentially destroying the thing they enjoy. It's easy to point as a company like EA and see how many billions of dollars they have but if you look up the economics of video games, buddy, you'll see it's fucked on their side of things too, and if companies are willing to put in codes like this to stop a loss to their deserved income, I'm sure it's a sign that things are getting out of control.

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I can, now, but I find it really boring so I don't do it often.

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It's OK. A little generic.

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The Bombcast is fine, it's just a shame when they spend so long on boring games in the QLs.

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You paid for a game that wasn't even finished? Why would you do this?

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Religious people are literally the worst. Bible quotes are as relevant to the modern age as typhoid.


"Although TF has practically disappeared from industrialized countries, it remains a serious public health problem in several Asian regions of the former USSR and in parts of South and South-East Asia, Africa and South America."

That has effected nothing about my statement.

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Religious people are literally the worst. Bible quotes are as relevant to the modern age as typhoid.

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Having slept with a grl who owns a SS unform, I can vouch for Nazism not being that bad.

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This seems like it will only effect scumbags and children. It's a good move.

really? im a scumbag if i wait a few months and get it used for $35 because i have bills and a daughter and dont think a game is worth $60 without tons of replayability? or what if i have gamefly? or borrow the game from a buddy while hes out of town? douchebag.

Basically, yeah. If you want it, buy it, don't fuck me off with excuses like there's no one else on the planet who has bills or children. Plenty of people in that situation can buy it new. Is it so hard to live within your means? Borrowing it from someone else (assuming he got it first hand), getting it on Gamefly or waiting for it to go down in price is fine because you're at least giving the consumer what they deserve rather than taking part in scumbag economics.