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That's pretty weird. You should steal the game to make sure they don't do this again.

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Learn to read and they all become irrelevant.

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Christmas prep begins on November 6th and runs until December 1st when it really kicks it. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

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Less than half the Xbox 360s sold have ever connected to Xbox Live.

Well those people are doing it wrong.

They're playing a lot of busted, unpatched games, they're not taking advantage of the fairly well made online multiplayer and community features, and they're missing out on countless amounts of quality DLC and XBLA games that exist. While "I only have dial-up" can account for a small amount of those people, the vast majority of areas that sell Xbox 360s also have broadband Internet. Those people are so oblivious/willfully ignorant of how to get the most out of their console that missing out on one part of Arkham City seems like a drop in the bucket compared to all of the other stuff they're already missing out on.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Let's start with the obvious - broadband penetration is still shit throughout the vast majority of North America and, especially in the United States, becoming stagnant because of the economic crisis. We live in a country where half the United States can't get broadband in their area to the point where we're trying to make Wi-Fi more easily accessible in areas where they either can't run the cables or it's too expensive to do so. It's their fault that they couldn't access this stuff if they wanted to? Even in areas where Wi-Fi is no big deal, what about anyone who doesn't have a Slim? I guess it's their fault too for not wanting to either buy a new Xbox or track down an offensively overpriced wireless adapter, right? And that's not even counting the fact that the 360 is on sale in a lot of countries that have spotty infrastructure and where a private internet connection either isn't really part of the culture or could even be considered a luxury (India, for one; most of Asia, for another). Let me guess - that's also their fault, right?

Holy shit, this is so ridiculously arrogant. There are legitimate issues with tying everything to having an online connection, and the best you can give any of those complains is "well fuck them, if they don't know what they're missing they don't deserve this unrelated thing"? Are you really that fucking unsympathetic to anyone that doesn't live up to your means? I don't even.

Stop being such a bleeding heart. Nothing can cater to everyone and based on your estimations of how this is terrible because guys in India who can't get a decent internet connection, I don't know why you aren't complaining that this exists because some pauper in Somalia can't even afford an Xbox. From what reviewers and previewers have said, the Catwoman sections of the game seem to be pretty small and about as crucial to the final sum as Enter The Matrix was to Matrix Reloaded; a nice addition but nothing special. It isn't as if the entire game is locked down.

Equally, having it locked out on second hand sales is not a bad thing, especially in a business as economically unviable as video games as a whole. The argument has been made time and again; second hand sales contribute nothing to the company creating the game so why should those people cater for people who aren't even giving them the decency of paying for it? The people encouraging the theft of the game just because the developers want people to pay for what they're making is fucking absurd.

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No one should get any console for a single game.

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This seems like it will only effect scumbags and children. It's a good move.

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It should be fine as long as you live in a country that believes in freedom of speech.

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A martini. Typically apple.

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I can't imagine that the best of anything is in Egypt.