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I know on the Gamestop website when it first went up, they were showing a release date of October 23 of this year, It's since changed but who knows?

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Horror games are so much more difficult for me to play then say watching a horror movie, the act of actually being in control of the character and just knowing that something is going to happen around the next corner and having to force yourself into walking around said corner. So yeah horror games are scary!

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@snide DUDE, so many feels right now, It's been awesome seeing you around the site the past few years, Good luck to wherever life takes you next.

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Just from this screenshot I get a serious Fable vibe, dunno why

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Good job America

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Is it weird that I'm super bummed out that they took the bro-ness out of this? Part of the reason that I liked the previous two was the complete absurdity of the bromance occuring between Rios and Salem. It was something stupid for me and a buddy to blast through in an afternoon and have a great time doing so. Just feels like theres something missing with the whole thing

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The Comedy Button is a fine choice in my opinion

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I watch e-sports tournaments fairly regularly and this is very specific too the Call of Duty scene. Most other pro's from Starcraft and League of legends and such just cross the stage and shake hands at the end of the game,.

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@carryboy said:

No, if you hadn't realised yet the pistol 1 shots all the guys with a headshot so ammo wasn't an issue.


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This thread wins the internet

Also I seriously thought the topic was called " Could I have been Killed by a rabid Cat?" had to do a double take when I misread it, Anyways go get yourself checked as soon as you can, or if you become a zombie just give us a heads up. i'd appreciate it