It's almost 2009?!?!

When the end of the year hits, everyone always says how fast the year went by, but the truth is that when you look back it probably was a long year. Anyways this xmas, I'm planning to pick up Fable 2 and one year of Xbox Live. 

On the other hand I've been having PC problems. I love downloading the latest versions of any application and I recently downloaded the Internet Explorer 8 beta 2. I think the features are excellent, and MS is doing a good job with keeping up with the completion. However, they have gone into the standard compliance world meaning that IE is now the world's most compatible web broswer (with websites that is). Although with the IE rendering engine, this is a scary world. In IE8, some websites break because the rendering engine isn't used to standard compliances. Although thankfully, this is only a beta, so things should be fine when the final build is released.
So recently there was a huge IE security patch that MS warned it was super important to the max for every Windows user. I had no idea what to do because i had to IE8 beta, so i decided to uninstall it and go back to IE7. Now what happened was that the installation failed and it took away important IE components  that were attached to Windows. So IE broke. The problem is that it still displays websites the the rest of the browser is broken. I could just use FireFox but its still unpatched and since IE is broken, my PC is in risk because any virus, even when im using FF, and take the "back door" route and automatically go into IE and infect my entire PC. And re-installing XP would be a pain in the ass, especially backing up all my files. So, i guess i would still be safe using FF but I'm going to have to wait the the final build of IE8 is released. Ans also, i still cannot un-install IE8, the files for IE are missing. 

So anyways, i was planning to upgrade to Vista, but with Windows 7 on its way, looking kick ass, I've decided to wait:

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GiantBomb @ PAX 08 and why i can't get my GT and Zunecard to work

So its been one month and GB (GiantBomb) is still awesome. The bombcast crew did a hilarious episode and included every classic GameSpot staff you could dream of. Although i was Rich Gallup could join, he's busy doing stuff @ Studio 38 (i believe thats what its called). And My Gamertag doesn't embed on GB or my Zunetag but you can find it in the links of that broken text under my "About me" blurb. Oh and school is starting for me in like 2 days : ( Actually this is my last day to stay up. Oh well, i'm a freshman going into high school. I hope my first year ain't so tough!

Edit: got my GT and ZuneCard to work! : D

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2 and a half day anniversary of GiantBomb!

Its been 2 days since the site launched and everything has been extremely successful. To the minute I'm writing this, there are over 12,000 registered members who are all strongly supporting the website. And that number keeps growing by every second. GameSpot/Cnet have reasons to worry. If the site is this successful so far, imagine how successful it will be by the time it reaches it's one year anniversary. I have this funny feeling inside that this website will become legendary one day. And we are witnessing the birth of it. Which may be the most exciting thing.

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